14 brief thoughts from The Masters

  1. It is a glimpse of what Heaven will be like.
  2. Bubba Watson’s testimony after the round and that other players were there for him on the  10th green is a statement of his character.
  3. The most sacred part of the course, “amen” corner, is free of patrons.
  4. The practice rounds are like PGA Tour events. There are “roars” on monday.
  5. Even Stevie Williams has to wear the green hat at all times.
  6. They actually rake the divots on the range, while the players are practicing and warming up.
  7. Being a part of my players team, allowed me to ride up Magnolia Ln, which is akin to going backstage.
  8. Got to witness Bo Van Pelt’s ace on 16 from atop 6th tee-box.
  9. Tiger Woods behavior was just plain poor. He’s always done it, but he was winning before.
  10. There were no less than four attendants in “every” bathroom at Augusta National.
  11. A sandwich and drink is $3.00.
  12. I’ll never watch it the same on T.V.
  13. My player can win this event.
  14. Meeting TobyMac was cool.
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