3 examples of justice in sports

Here are three examples that show things work out in sport—Justice. Sport is designed to be an equal playing field, a true meritocracy. So, when things go sour on the level, justice should be served. I believe everything works out for a reason and here’s 3 examples.

1) Lane Kiffin- This coach left The Tennessee Volunteer program in shambles after one season. There was nothing in the cupboard when this coach left, except for years of sanctions for recruiting violations! When Lane Kiffin left for USC, he actually told the new recruits not to even go to class. He puts the C in class…

So, after the brief sanctions also expired from USC, they were ranked pre-season #1. They just capped off the worse season ever for a pre-season #1, by finishing 8-5 and became a laughing stock for their goal-line performance with 5:40 left against Nortre Dame. Lane Kiffin is now 37-32 as a head coach and the late Al Davis is laughing…Justice is Lane Kiffin reaching the slow fade.

2) Ohio St.- The Buckeyes finish their perfect season 12-0 with a win over arch rival Michigan. A one-time post-season ban means an SEC school will face Notre Dame for the National Championship. If they would have lost one game, it would have been a moot point. Let’s face it, their ban was basically about players receiving tattoos and some sold memorabilia, it’s not like they really cheated, like driving new cars to class (uh, hmm). BUT, they played in ( and won) the Sugar Bowl against Arkansas in 2011 using five suspended players including Terrell Pryor. They struck a money deal with the NCAA to delay their suspensions until the first five games the next season. What a model! Justice is no chance for national championship. 

3) Barry Bonds-  He allegedly used steroids. Never admitted to it, (knowingly) and never tested positive (like another figure).  With the assistance from the steroid (cream & clear), he broke the home run records…all-time and single -season for the Giants. These are in the history books, forget about the asterik. The real justice is that no other team picked him up after the 2007 season and he will run into Hall of Fame issues when eligible, just like Mark Mcquire. Justice is that Barry Bonds will forever carry the scarlet letter. 

My point is that natural jutsice was served in all of these cases. No need to keep raking any of them over the coals, (less barry) because it all works out.

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