3 keys of confidence

larry birdShow me a successful athlete, or person and I’ll show you someone who is confident. It is without a doubt, the most important mental skill. You gotta believe in yourself! Here are three keys about confidence.

  • Confidence is a feeling:

When we are confident, we feel at ease, relaxed, and focused. It is something that we just know. However, confidence is NOT thoughts, but we usually recognize when we are not confident. When we are not confident, we just have more thoughts, doubt, and are not as comfortable. We can act our way into right thinking easier than trying to think our way into right acting.

  • Confidence is knowing that you’re ready:

Confidence is knowing, not hoping that you are ready. A question to assess our level of confidence is: how would you play if you couldn’t fail? This mind-set is important, because I have yet to meet a successful athlete that plays awesome when they play timid or scared. Confidence = aggressive.

  • Confidence is patience:

Confident athletes never seem to panic or press when results aren’t going their way. We are all going to have bouts of struggle and we need to remain patient. We must trust our preparation, our coaches, our game plan, our emotional management, our routine, and process of execution. If we have confidence in the aspects we can control, then we will eventually have good outcomes.

 “They know, that I know, that they know that I know, I will win”

Watch this clip on Larry Bird & confidence!

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