5 sport psychology points from RGIII > RGKnee

1. RGIII injured his knee on Dec 9th in a dramatic hit, sitting out a few plays but even coming back in the game. He sat the following week against Cleveland, but even stated “I wanted to play.” He re-injured his knee late in the 1st quarter in the wild card game after leading the Redskins to an early 14-0 lead against the Seahawks.

  • Great athletes NEVER want to come out of the game, they ALWAYS believe that even at 50%, they can will the team to victory.

2. He was most likely doctored up with Toradol when he left the field.

  • Coaches must not leave it up to a player to come out.  In fact, it is the job of a coach to take all of the blame in these situations and remove the burden or guilt from a player. 

3. Upon returning, it was obvious to everyone that he could no longer scramble. However, his throws were now grossly inaccurate  because he could not effectively plant his leg.

  • He was already injured, did the coaches not have any game plan in place of when they would go to back-up Kirk Cousins? 

4. He was still in the game in the second half when the worse happened. An errant snap and he now REALLY HURT his knee. 

5. RGIII is the best quarterback the Redskins organization has had in more than a decade. He is the franchise and coach Shanahan risked RGIII’s entire future. He treated him like a racehorse, medicating him with painkillers and riding him until he collapsed.

  • An injury of this caliber usually depends on “rest and rehab,” which is more difficult for an athlete than “surgery and rehab.”  One thing that is certain is that athletes handle injuries very differently. The lingering effects are never fully evident. RGIII will now spend his first professional off-season, injured. 

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