8 New Sport Psychology books

Are you a coach, athlete, or parent in search of playing your best when it matters the most? 

Here are 8 recent Sport Psychology books—-ranging from softball & baseball, leadership, biofeedback, coaching, mental toughness and Sport Psychology practices…


SEEDS OF SUCCESS  by Coach John Brubaker

seeds of success Burton sets out on a quest for knowledge to become a better coach, teacher, and person. Through the guidance of an  unlikely mentor, Jack meets three extraordinary teachers and learns how creating a philosophy and having a system give you the power to access greater results in any endeavor.



1pitchcover05b-2501 Pitch Warrior – Guide to Mental Toughness is the key to unlocking your full potential as a player or a coach. Not only do the things provided in this book allow you to find your true potential on the field, but I am confident that they will enrich your life off the field as well.


Sport Psychology books

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