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7 Well-Designed Brain Test Apps To Try

The advancements in technology have proven time and again that they carry with them both the benefits and certain negative effects on mankind. The various applications and social media platforms are the top reasons why both kids and adults stay glued to their gadgets.

Although technology and the Internet have pulled us into a string of 15-minute fame, unforgiving gossips, and other unwanted mainstream acts, some educational applications are still being created to pull us out of that certain stage. These are the brain test apps.

Here are the top 7 well-designed mind test apps that you and your family will surely love!

Elevate – Improve Mind While Playing Games – $5/month, $45/year

With adults as its main target audience, this application focuses on improving the user’s productivity, capacity to earn, and social well-being which is good for business and companies.

You are measured using different exams which include mathematical problems that enhance your ability to move with numbers quickly and solve equations related to business, communication skills that are used to mingle and socialize with other people, and concentration which improves your attention and memory using word-related triggers.

The importance of this test is to enhance your cognitive abilities without the need for bright colors nor edited images. This application uses a simple interface to focus on everyday words that you can relate to pieces of information.

These mind test apps are available on both iOS and Android for a membership fee of $5 per month.

Brain Fitness Pro – Think And Solve Patterns – $4/per month

The app developers of these brain test apps have proven that extensive memory training done through the game can provide the benefit of long-term results for users.

This game focuses on enhancing one’s memory through different images and texts which stimulates the brain to remember pieces of important information. These types of applications are created and used for those who suffer short-term memory loss, short attention span, and those who are encountering issues with remembering small events.

The app is available for both Android and iOS and only charges $4 membership fee per month. It ensures that the games rotate each session making it seem like you are encountering different games at different times.

It also adjusts the level of difficulty depending on the amount of progress that is recorded after each session.

Happify -For Stress & Worry – Free; Plus Membership $6.95/month for one-year subscription

The objective of this app is to persuade the user into practicing a positive perspective. It has been proven that by having a positive outlook in life helps people resolve more problems and evade physical or mental illnesses.

This application can be used for free by both Android and iOS users and execute positive psychology which eliminates or reduces any point of negative thinking.

It generates quizzes, polls, and a gratitude journal where you can keep a personal note or record of how you think you are doing. The app interface is set with bright colors and positive images to create a happy mindset.

It also aims to adjust the way a person deals with anger, stress, pressure, and the result should be beneficial to the user because of the ease in resolving any issue with this kind of enhanced outlook.

Fit Brains Trainer – Work Out The Brain – Free

Users are given a free access to these brain test apps to “workout” their brains. This application is available for both Android and iOS platforms.

With 360 diverse games (some of which you may have already encountered), it aims to enhance the mental agility of each user by arranging the games in a certain pattern. This does not only test your speed but it also strengthens your memory.

Some of the games you would encounter are Spot the Difference, Matching Pairs, Missing Puzzle Pieces, etc. Most of these are games similar to those you have played since you were a kid so we are confident that you are familiar with the rules of each test.

Eidetic – Simple But Effective Brain Exercises – Free basic version, $2.99 for full version

This brain test app focuses on simple games to help you enhance your memory. Not like the other games that have goals to enhance 3 abilities at a time, this test narrows down the result to just improving your memory and attention span.

Using a flash-card system, it gives you a series of numbers for you to memorize. It could be a set of random phone numbers, dates, times, or bank account simulations. It uses a spaced repetition which helps your brain retain the information by letting you see the text a few times.

This game is perfect for those who need help with remembering important events such as birthdays, anniversaries, or meetings. It also helps in remembering bank accounts, pins, and emergency numbers.

CogniFit Brain Fitness – Play With No Pressure – Free

This game aims to enhance your brain while it creates a healthy and competitive environment. It also creates a track record that is shared under a “leaderboards” tab where you can compare with friends.

This brain test app provides competitive brain games for a $13 monthly membership fee. It also provides an annual membership fee of $120 which gives you around $26 in savings. There are diverse designs and graphics for every test which will help you test how well you can remember information.

The app also hosts a friendly battle mode where both you and your friend can enter the same game and battle to finish the test faster. The abilities enhanced by the game are your analytical skills, emotional management, communication, memory, and concentration.

Lumosity – The Leader In Brain-Training Innovation – Free Basic Membership; $11.99/month

Achieve the ultimate brain training session that helps you with a different set of tests every day. However, how much is the price to pay for such a top-notch application? For Lumosity costs, you can find it out by clicking this.

Neuroscientists who believe that technology should help mankind improve rather than wither have paired up with a group of app developers to create the ultimate brain game. It offers a free 3-game plan membership and a 5-game plan membership that costs $11.99 per month. If you prefer using this for the whole year, you can subscribe to the annual membership which costs $59.99.

You are never given the same test twice in a week and this is done by rotation for every session. It also keeps your records and adjusts the difficulty level depending on your progress. This app is truly fascinating and will never give you a dull session.

Abilities such as attention, memory, problem-solving, and thinking flexibility are put to the test with this application.

Brain Test Bottom Line?

Although psychologists urge people to go outside and interact with others, it is not always to our convenience. This is why brain games like these are created to make sure that your neurons are exercised while your body is at rest.

Give your noggin’ a joggin’ and try out one of these applications today!

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