AHOY, I’m Dr. Rob Bell


I am a Sport Psychology coach. I work with Indy Eleven and University of Notre Dame. Our passion is helping others become The BEST at Getting BETTER! We know that we are all getting ready for that HINGE Moment. The ONE person, event, or moment that will make all of the difference in our lives. We just don’t know when that is coming…

Mental Toughness won’t win you a championship. But, a lack of Mental Toughness will lose it for you.
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Our dedication is working with Athletes. Corporate athletes, executive athletes, professional athletes, collegiate athletes, and high-school athletes. You see, we think EVERYONE is an athlete, Our offices are just different.

I fell off an 80 foot cliff in college, and that Hinge moment made all of the difference. It caused a lot of pain physically and emotionally, but it connected who I was with who I would become from that event. Sport Psychology was discovered and if you want the whole background of why I entered the field, check out the story of how an Olympic Gold Medalist and I shared a Hinge Moment. 

Here’s some more upbeat, positive background fodder about me, I was the mental coach for multiple winners on the PGA Tour, a medalist at the Rio Olympics, the 2013 USTA National Champion and have caddied on the PGA Tour. Authored five books so far on mental toughness: The Hinge: The Importance of Mental Toughness Mental Toughness Training for GolfNO FEAR: A Simple Guide to Mental Toughness, & Don’t “Should” on Your Kids: Build Their Mental Toughness  and 50 Ways to Win: Pro Football’s Hinge Moments.

I’ve been the mental coach extensively with Indy Eleven Pro Soccer and University of Notre Dame. Speak often to businesses, universities, and corporate athletes including, Marriott, Walgreens, Morgan Stanley, JVA, PGA of America, among many others. I’ve been a certified consultant since 2006 of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology.

We deliver mental toughness training through a combination of research and over 10+ years of applied experience with hundreds of athletes, coaches, and teams. We’ve been featured on ESPN, FOX NEWS, The Golf Channel, New York Times, Runner’s World, & Stack Magazine.

I was an assistant professor of Sport Psychology for six years, publishing over a dozen research articles on the “Yips” in Golf, and effectiveness of sport psychology interventions. I was published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Journal of Athletic Insight, Journal of Sport Behavior, and The Sport Journal.

Most importantly, I’m a husband and father of two wonderful kids. I completed a 1/2 Ironman, two marathons in a personal best of 3:23, Tough mudder, numerous other road races, and had a hole-in-one. Participated in triathlons and Master’s Swimming Events. I golf, swim, ski, read, run, play ping-pong and chess.

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