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  • DRB provides sport-specific mental toughness training to professional, collegiate, and promising high-school athletes.
  • Cornerstoned on performance psychology, our comprehensive program is comprised of expert performance coaches and specialists designed to help you achieve expert performance both on/off your field of play.
  • Based on research and over 10+ years of applied experience with elite athletes across all sports, mental toughness concepts most commonly addressed are: playing well under pressure, dealing with set-backs, & performing consistent and with confidence.
  • DRB offers individualized coaching through phone, in-person visits, and/or skype sessions designed specially to fit your goals. For those seeking the most effective performance plan, DRB offers 1 and 2 day individualized mental toughness programs.


  • Simply, know what it takes to play consistent and at your highest level.
  • Whether you’re a touring professional, collegiate player, or desiring a scholarship to play collegiate golf, you’ll specifically improve in your results.
  • Our 2-day mental toughness training retreat includes but is not limited to:
    • Mental game assessment,
    • Mental and emotional toughness tools,
    • On-course play and practice,
    • Practice and tournament plans,
    • Strengths and developmental avenues,
    • Swing analysis, (not a lesson),
    • Body functionality,
    • Physical testing,
    • Nutrition.