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Dr. Rob Bell (DRB) is a certified consultant of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. He has PGA Tour credentials as a Sport Psychology consultant, has coached winners on the PGA, Nationwide, and mini-tours, and caddied on Tour. He is the author of 4 sport psychology books. 

Dr. Rob Bell and associates delivers mental toughness training through a combination of research and over 10+ years of applied experience with hundreds of athletes, coaches, and teams.

Dr. Bell was also an assistant professor of Sport Psychology for six years, publishing numerous articles on the “Yips” in Golf, and effectiveness of sport psychology interventions.

He has been published in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, Journal of Athletic Insight, Journal of Sport Behavior, and The Sport Journal. He continues to write extensively on mental toughness and has been noted in Runner’s World, NY Times, Stack magazine, and numerous additional websites.

Dr. Rob Bell is a husband and father of two and has completed two marathons in a personal best of 3:23, a 1/2 ironman, a toughmudder, and has had a hole-in-one. He has participated in triathlons and Master’s Swimming Events. He enjoys golf, swimming, skiing, reading, and chess.