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Do Your Worst!

Two years ago, on April 27th, 2011, I faced a very real and dangerous storm. That day EF4 tornados ripped through the state of Alabama and my home of Tuscaloosa. The immense amount of devastation Tuscaloosa and the surrounding cities experienced that day is hard to put into words. In the wake of immense devastation […]

The Hinge…Page 1

Hinge (definition): Noun–A movable joint or mechanism…that connects linked objects. (v): A circumstance upon which other events depend. The Greenbrier resort in White Sulpher Springs, WV, housed a secretive bunker that was built in the early 1960s. Located about five hours from Washington D.C., this underground bunker actually became a part of U.S. defense. It was built […]

Caddying on the PGA Tour

A caddy is the closest thing to being a sideline head coach. It provides amazing insight into the game that no one else can get, and caddies save a professional golfer, in my opinion, about one shot a round. Here’s my take, since I loop a few tour events each year for my clients that […]

How to know your effectiveness as a consultant

In early 2000’s, Ken Ravizza was doing one of his impromptus, yet standing room only, presentations at the national conference of the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. He was working with the Anaheim Angels at the time and one of his messages was “don’t ask for gear.” In essence, if the team and coaches enjoy […]

Have you played the game: I Love You More?

Have you ever played the game— I love you more? Choose from the following three choices, which relationship most describes you. 1) Your partner loves you more than you love him or her. Or 2) You love your partner more then he/she loves you. Or 3) You love each other equally, but it’s boring. Now, […]

The ONE PLAY that demands team buy-in…

Recently, a collegiate basketball game displayed that the starting forwards scored 41 of the team’s 66 points, 62% of the total points. Without seeing the game, one might imagine that these individuals were either dominating post players or excellent shooters. Numbers don’t lie, but they don’t tell the whole story either.  It is often the […]

Simple Technique to Get Your Athletes Relaxed

  Simple Technique To Get Your Athletes Relaxed The question surfaces often by coaches and parents: “How can I help some of my athletes relax before big (games, meets, races, etc.)” Tom Petty said it best, “the waiting is the hardest part.”  It’s the amount of time to actually “think” before a competition that causes […]

Eyes on The Path

A young kung fu student travels to meet a renowned sensei… The student tells the master that he wants to train under him to become a powerful samurai and asked “how long it would take”? online payday loans california The master tells him it will take 10 years of training. Unsatisfied, the student says that […]