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The “Safe” Athlete

An A.D. that I met with recently discussed how one of their best basketball players always played safe. On one hand, the point guard made few mistakes and played consistent. However, the point guard also held back and never “took over a game.” They lacked mental toughness…  At a swim meet yesterday, I spoke with […]

End of the Hinge Dynasty…

In the 2013 AFC championship game against the Baltimore Ravens, the New England Patriots held a halftime lead of 13-7. Nothing extraordinary, except that with Bill Belichick as head coach and Tom Brady as Quarterback, the Patriots were 67-0 at home. After the game they became 67-1. This defeat unofficially marked the end of the Hinge […]

The fear of…

You may know the feeling… Cold water and lack of oxygen jolts you: you realize that you jumped in way over your head.  Limbs are flailing, lungs are gasping, and your mind can’t focus on anything but the struggle between fighting to breathe, and giving up completely…Maybe it’s just your morning shower or perhaps as […]

Use this Top Gun Technique for Goals…

Use This Top-Gun Technique For Goals… In the movie Top Gun, Tom Skerritt, tells the fighter pilots, “You are the best of the best, the elite,” and “we’ll make you even better.” Top Gun made them better fighter pilots, by flying, not by trying to make them fisherman or painters. Stay with me here, because too […]

The ONE word to say to a referee…

The One Word to Say to a Referee? When I worked with HOF baseball coach, Tommy Pharr. He would use this one word all of the time….It later dawned on me, It really worked! This is the thing to say to a referee. Surprisingly, it is the same word to say to a police officer […]

Pain of Discipline OR Pain of Regret

Pain of Discipline OR Pain of Regret I encountered a painful reminder on the 5k race. I ran and pushed my daughter in the stroller. My mileage and tempo was no longer where it needs to be to set PR’s, but I figured I could still win at least the stroller division! Here’s where I […]

What Golden Tee can teach us about Entrepreneurship

I met with a successful entrepreneur and coach, Tony Scelzo, over a game of Golden Tee. You know, the arcade game that is nothing like real golf…until you take a double bogey. removed Of course we had something on the line, so it was a competitive 18-hole skins game. Tony Scelzo’s story and journey  is […]

5 Things I Hate About Myself

Perfectionist I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree and moved to Crested Butte, Colorado to be a ski-bum for one season. Well, the employment opportunities were not in high demand, so I was forced to work construction. I sucked at it. I became the laborer of the group, because I could hardly nail two […]

Improve your mental game by watching The Olympics

A mental toughness article I wrote previously for Stack magazine…How to Improve your mental game just by watching the Olympics Enjoy….   Dr. Rob Bell is the author of Mental Toughness Training for Golf, an AASP certified Sport Psychology consultant, and caddy on tour. He consults with athletes, coaches, and teams at all levels helping build and enhance their own mental […]

2 Types Of Mistakes

With 2 little one’s, there is a major replay button on the movies in que, thus for will be parents, prepare to watch Shrek, Madagascar, and Monsters Inc., over 1000 times each… Mistake #1-Trying to stop doing something… One movie in the rotation is The Bee Movie. A funny scene is when “Barry” keeps flying […]