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5 Ways To CRUSH Someone’s Confidence (Do This INSTEAD)

5 Ways To CRUSH Someone’s Confidence (Do This INSTEAD) This infographic was designed specifically for parents, because I hate it when I accidentally crush my own kids confidence.  But below is good advice if you’re a coach as well. Unfortunately, if you are a Lex Luther type of person who just wants to crush someone’s […]

In 2018, Do This Growth Technique Instead Of Goals…

In 2018, Do This Technique Instead Of Goals… If you’ve followed me for an extended period of time, (and chances are you’ve haven’t), then you’ll have come across my disdain for goals. I’m not against setting goals of course, they are effective! It’s just that goals get perverted into only outcome based objectives, so instead […]

12-Month Mental Toughness Reading Plan

12-Month Mental Toughness Reading Plan  There exists a business model that provides book summaries for executives. Basically, the cliff notes, so you don’t have to waste your time going through the entire book?!? Yikes! What is this, 9th grade? Getting the summary of a book is not even close as actually reading it. It’s like […]

How I Prepare to Present

How I Prepare to Present The very first talk I ever gave was in front of a rival high school with hundreds of students. It was a packed gym; the entire school. I spoke at their event where students promised not to drink and drive. I was a just freshman in college. My arm was […]

I HATE The Secret to Mental Toughness

  The Secret to Mental Toughness (Excerpt from NO ONE Gets There ALONE) We are as only as sick as our secrets. So, here is the secret to mental toughness (And why I HATE it). If we want to KEEP our mental toughness, we HAVE to give it away. We can not help other people […]