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Body language doesn’t talk…

It Screams!!! Focus on getting big!!! Last week, A free-book was awarded for “which sport emphasizes body language  the Most”. Many answers, stated, “all of them.”Well, here is a quick read on Body Language Importance for all sports. http://blog.stack.com/2012/03/16/mental-toughness-body-language/

Body Language Importance: BLI

Winner of Book: Mental Toughness Training for Golf: Jonathan Darling Body language is important in nearly every sport, but it is most important in Gymnastics. Not only are the athletes asked to execute incredible displays of athleticism, but to smile while doing it. Gymnasts have to smile after a poor routine or dismount, even though it […]

The Two Types of Players

There are two types of players; practice-day players and game-day players. Practice-day players usually have the best workouts and seemingly spend the most amount of time working on their craft. We relish in and want those who have the hardest work-ethic to be rewarded. Even hearing about how “hard” someone has worked inherently makes it seem […]