Book Review: The Coach Approach

When I sit to read, I need to be motivated and get a new piece of information  in EVERY chapter! Because time is so limited, those are my expectations. The Coach Approach, By Jon Brubaker does just that.

Since sports is analogous for life and vice-versa, Coach Brubaker makes the connection and strategies from the sports fields to the boardroom pretty evident. A former Lacrosse coach and current business coach, the links between being an athlete and corporate athlete require similar mental skills. As Coach Bru states, “Everyday is a performance review.” 

The book is drawn up into four quarters, which is clever, but my favorite parts are actually the time-outs. These are the items that help me remember…Here are two of my favorite sections.

1) A Full-Tank Culture. – Our compliments/criticisms of others have to be at a 5:1 ratio. This ratio of feedback is basically the only way to keep our (emotional) gas tanks full. Since great players are always discussed in terms of making “others around them great,” we need to do that in our environment. Coach Bru also breaks down a way to do just that….

2) Little Things Win Big Games.- This is a theme throughout the book because it is so true. It’s just like the inches speech in the movie “Any Given Sunday.” If we want our team to be successful, it is the details and our attention to the details that really count. Are you a detailed oriented leader?

Check it out, you’ll get some easily applicable skills to put into “play.” check out his website too- 

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