Once again, a book recommended by a golf buddy, this time, Jason Richmond. The book is  Love Does:  First of all, it is an easy read, (which, with 2 kids, I’m all about these days). Each chapter is segmented into a personal story and the funny thing is that (A word NOT to use) the first few chapters relate directly to MY life, from shooting my best friend (in the hand) with a BB gun and trying to cover it up, to waiting outside of a law building to get admitted…. The book is all about being whimsical, doing love, being “all in”, and riding the wave of life. But it is more than “take a risk” sort of book, the personal experiences of Bob Goff’s life are interwoven into faith and how Jesus’ lived and does….

One favorite section is about losing the cape. The “NO CAPES” scene from The Incredibles is a great analogy, because jesus was secretly incredible and would tell people “tell no one.” We all know people like this who just do things. “BE AWESOME.”

“He doesn’t pass us messages, he passes us each other.” 

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