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Dr. Rob Bell Media

ESPN Radio 98.7 New York- Dr. Rob Bell & Bill Daughtry-  Starts at 16:07

The Bill Kelly Show / WCHML 900 Hamilton, ON (Toronto)

Indianapolis Recorder Newspaper

The AdamRitz Show- Starts at 9:16

A Hot Cup of Joey/ How to be a Better Sports Parent

The Back Nine Boys Radio Show/ Rich Styles

The Bed Rest Book Club/ 

Positive Parenting Show KOIT-FM Oakland CA

AM 900 CHML- Host Scott Thompson- 

Club Business International Magazine

Raising Kids TV- VIDEO Why Playing Multiple Sports- Not Just One- is Best For Kids

Mike Fay Golf Show- Parental Involvement in Sport

Shurr Success Podcast- Building Mental Toughness by Tim Shurr 

Dr. Rob Bell Podcasts 

The Performance Podcast- Wil Fleming with Dr. Rob Bell- How to Be Mentally Tough

The Mindside- Dr. Bhrett McCabe with Dr. Rob Bell- The Psychology of Soccer and Mental Toughness 

Live Yes And- Travis Thomas- Episode #28 with Dr. Rob Bell

My Mental Game Coach with Greg Liberto- 18 online with Dr. Rob Bell- 

Smarter Team Training podcast-  A STT exclusive interview hosted by Rob Taylor

Unlocking the Minds of Athletes- Episode #34- Sport Psychology Coach Dr. Rob Bell Hosted by Issac Byrd Mental Toughness Expert on the Psychology of the Pivotal moment hosted by Glen Whitney, 4-21-2015

Whistle and a Clipboard- Podcast episode #52 Dr. Rob Bell Mental Conditioning coach, author, and caddy. Hosted by Jason Oates

You Going Pro The Hinge: Sports Doctor Dr. Rob Bell hosted by Syvel Lowery 6-8-2014

Back Nine Network ESPN Dr. Rob Bell Talks Mental Toughness Training   hosted by Dustin Ashby 3-14-2015

Friday Foursome with Dr. Rob Bell (Video Episode) hosted by Ricky Lee Potts 1-31-2014

ESPN 104.5 TheZone- Monthly Guest- Dr. Rob Bell hosted by Virgil Herring 9-24-2015

Elevating Beyond- Episode #67 Fearless- hosted by Mark Minard and Dayne Gingrich 9-30-2015 

Better Humanology- Episode #28 Building Mental Toughness hosted by Jerred Moon

Golf Strategy School Podcast-Episode #35 How to Develop Mental Toughness hosted by Marty Griffin 8-13-2015