Joey Burton- Your Vision Drives Your Mental Toughness

Coach Joey Burton- Your Vision Drives Your Mental Toughness

15 minutes of Mental Toughness vodcast

Coach Joey Burton is a 13-year seasoned coach and trainer, having worked with athletes at all skill levels. Joey’s coaching experience at various stages of an athlete’s development has allowed him to identify and develop an athlete’s specific training needs.

Joey Burton has trained NBA talent, including Yogi Ferrell and Evan Turner, among others. He’s coached Division 1 NCAA Athletes, and consulted with entire NCAA teams and coaching staffs on skill development. Visit Joey Here at

your vision drives your mental toughness

:47- What Drives Your Mental Toughness?

6:20- What’s different about players that are or are NOT Mentally Tough?

9:00- The Hinge moment from college basketball to skill development! Wow!

10:00- The way coach builds trust with players.

14:03- A player who shot 1/3 3-pointers the entire sophomore season to 7/10 3-pointers in state championship game. 

15:20- I got told “NO” a Lot. 

17:20- When did you know you were on the right path? 

20:00 Dealing with the financial stress

23:00- What is it that someone needs to do to build Mental Toughness?