Mark Immelman- A Call from Gary Player that led to a Masters Win

Mark Immelman- A Call from Gary Player led to a 2008 Masters win.15 minutes of Mental Toughness vodcast


  • Mark Immelman- 15 minutes of mental toughnessHow a Call from Gary Player the night before the final round helped brother Trevor Immelman win the Masters-  1:00
  • As an All-American in college, losing to his younger brother was a Hinge Moment- 6:25
  • The BEST part about being a Coach? – 10:10
  • Being a coach is a tremendous responsibility! 11:15
  • What is the biggest take-a-way for being a good communicator? 11:44
  • What do people NEED to know in order to be Mentally Tough? 15:08
  • The spiritual side of being a PGA Tour broadcaster. 19:20
  • Why do players switch putters so often? 24:02
  • Getting back to your neutral. 24:58
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