The Best 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness – Robcast

15 minutes of Mental Toughness

15 Minutes of Mental Toughness

15 Minutes of Mental Toughness Robcast with Dr. Rob Bell. Listen to Experts from all fields share about Mental Toughness and Their Hinge Moment.

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Watch- Derick Grant, Harlem Globetrotter, & Microwave Success. 

  • How an escalator changed his life forever and became a hinge moment.
  • What is Microwave Success?
  • How can each of us build Mental Toughness?
  • One thing that nobody knows about being a Harlem Globetrotter.

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Neil Richmund Mental Toughness and Father's DeathWatch- Neil Richmund, Mental Toughness & A Father’s Death.

  • How the death of his father changed his life as a 10-year old. 
  • Two paths changed because of the death of his father. 
  • If you’re clear on where you are going, your Mental Toughness becomes clearer.  
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Wil Fleming 15 minutes of mental toughnessWatch- Wil Fleming, National Record Holder in Weight Lifting. 

  • How did Wil Fleming’s son power him to a national record in Weight Lifting? 
  • The impact of the last “real” conversation Wil had with his mom.
  • The precise way to FOCUS during important competitions.
  • Do we need to fail in order to have success?
  • How to rebound from not losing for over 2 years?
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Gerardo Torrado- 15 minutes of Mental Toughness

WATCH- Gerardo Torrado, 3 World Cups with Mexico, 20th Professional Year, CUT at age 14. 

  • What is Mental Toughness? 1:20
  • What is takes to be a professional. 3:00
  • Working on Mental Game. 4:55
  • Getting CUT at age 14. 6:30
  • “You’re not good enough.” 10:51
  • Signing the wrong contract. 11:45
  • What you need to know about building mental toughness. 16:30
  • Is it hard to transition from a professional soccer player? 18:48

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McKenzie Holmstead- 15 minutes of Mental ToughnessWATCH- McKenzie Holmstead Divorce & Mental Toughness

  • What is Mental Toughness 1:15
  • Why living in SLC means so much to the story. 2:30
  • The Two Paths. 3:21
  • What was the action step of Divorce that became a Hinge Moment? 4:20
  • What is the biggest struggle for Females and Mental Fortitude? 6:50
  • You need to KNOW this tool for Mental Toughness! 9:15

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jon busch

WATCH- Jon Busch, Top MLS GK of All-Time Took 5 Professional Years to Be A Rookie. 

  • Mindset of Keepers? 1:10
  • How build Mental Toughness? 2:25
  • What learned most from Sport Psychologist? 2:40
  • How-to let go of mistakes? 5:00
  • It’s NOT who get’s there 1st.- 10:18
  • The next level mentality.-14:57
  • Your Tom Brady moment (not what you think)?- 19:35

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Thaddues Rex- 15 minutes of Mental Toughness

WATCH- Thaddeus Rex, How Every Great Song Returns to the Chorus & Every Great Business Returns to the Brand. 

  • How Your Hinge Moment Ended up as a Book. 1:15
  • The way it has to happen rarely actually ever happens. 6:40
  • What’s the difference between writing a song and a book? 8:00
  • How do we return to our own chorus in business? 14:00
  • What happens when big companies fail? 20:00
  • The ultimate goal of writing a song! 25:03
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    Mark Immelman- 15 minutes of mental toughness

Watch- Mark Immelman, How A Call From Gary Player led to a Masters Win.

  • How a Call from Gary Player the night before the final round helped brother Trevor Immelman win the Masters-  1:00
  • As an All-American in college, losing to his younger brother was a Hinge Moment- 6:25
  • The BEST part about being a Coach? – 10:10
  • Being a coach is a tremendous responsibility! 11:15
  • What is the biggest take-a-way for being a good communicator? 11:44
  • What do people NEED to know in order to be Mentally Tough? 15:08
  • The spiritual side of being a PGA Tour broadcaster. 19:20
  • Why do players switch putters so often? 24:02
  • Getting back to your neutral. 24:58
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    Watch- Justin Wadsworth- Why an Olympic Coach Helped out A Competitor


    2:30- What Does Mental Toughness Mean to You?      

    4:00 Mental Training Becomes a part of the team culture.  

    5:40 The disappointment of Sochi Olympics.  

    13:00 The Hinge moment of helping out a Russian Skier.

    17:05 The culture of Cross-Country Skiing and the presence of mind to help.

    19:33 What do you think people need in order to be mentally tough?  

    24:40 How difficult is it to be an Olympic Coach?