Stop Getting Ready to Get Ready & JUMP

My feet were dangling over the edge of the plane 12,000 feet above, and I took a deep breath. Up to this moment in the plane, I had been calm, but now on the REAL EDGE, doubt crept in. However, before I could finish “Am I sure about this?” my tandem partner plunged us into the air. I didn’t have any more time to think because I was already doing it, freefalling to the earth at near terminal velocity.

As I reflected back on my skydiving adventure, that singular moment of hesitation is what stood out. It made me wonder, how many opportunities had I missed due to doubts and second-guessing? I could think of numerous putts, shots, passes, and even dives that I messed up because I froze or let thoughts creep in.

How do we avoid letting thoughts of doubt impact our play? Simply react, and do not hesitate. Trust your preparation and then just perform. Sometimes we get stuck getting ready to get ready that we don’t actually jump. So whether you are on the golf course, the pitch, in business, or on the edge of an airplane, in the end, it’s all the same, just point & shoot.

AUTHOR: Will Drumright  email:  Twitter @wcdrummy15

MY Note: It is near impossible for someone to actually describe what it is like to skydive. I jumped about 5 years ago, mostly due to the movie Point Break, and it is 100% pure adrenaline!!! I hope nothing is holding you back from experiencing it at least once. All you have to do is jump…DRB

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