Ten Points of Emphasis

Coach Greg Schiano enters his 1st year as head coach of Tampa Bay Buccaneers. At Rutgers, was known for his motto of “keep chopping wood”- meaning to keep steady, break them down, and one play at a time…

Here are his 10-points of emphasis:



  1. Protect the Quarterback- He has his QB’s wear light knee braces.
  2. Size Matters- Fast guys should be fast, big guys should be big & fast.
  3. Veterans will lead- Period.
  4. No Cliques- Coach has mixed up basic seating arrangements in the locker room.
  5. Urgency is the order of the day- “Time is our enemy.”
  6. Talk, don’t text- Shouldn’t we all do this?
  7. Don’t show your tired- No hands on knees, ever.
  8. Make the transition smooth- Everything is crisp.
  9. Prepare well- Prepare, prepare, prepare.
  10. Don’t get lost in the details- Details are important, but personnel  is the most important.
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