Testimonials for Dr. Rob Bell

Rajeev Ram, 2016 Olympic Silver Medalist –

“Dr. Bell has been an important addition to my team in 2016 and definitely instrumental in me having the best year of my career thus far.  I look forward going even further in the future.”


testimonials for dr. rob bell

2015 Notre Dame Golf- “Dr. Bell has been a tremendous resource for our players. His approach and way of communicating during individual sessions allows our players in the end, find the answers to their own questions.”– Coaches Susan Holt & Kyle Veltri



collin altamiranoCollin Altamirano– 2013 USTA National Champion

1st unseeded player ever to win USTA Nationals at the Zoo.

Watch the highlight video here..



Toby Stanley, Synchronized 2014 National Champion- “I used to be that stubborn athlete…But thanks to Dr. Rob Bell, I focused better on the things in my control and have him to thank for my Gold.”





Scott Stallings: 3x PGA Tour Winner. 
“ Dr. Rob Bell’s philosophy on preparation is second to none. It allows the player to get out of his own way in order to reach goals both on and off the course.”



 Ryan Blaum: PGA Tour. Winner of the 2012 Waterloo Open – “The difference between   Dr. Bell and other mental coaches is his uncanny ability to learn the needs of his athlete and not a syllabus to follow. He pours his heart and soul into them.”  Click here to listen to his Golf Channel Interview



Gary Christian: PGA Tour. Winner of 2011 Mylan Classic- “I have worked with Dr. Rob since 2006. Dr. Rob has helped my game come to the fore. He helps me with committing to the shot and accepting the outcome.”


    Christopher W. Plumb, Head Swim Coach, 29 Straight State championships, Carmel Swim Club-“Having Dr. Rob Bell work with the Carmel Swim Club has been terrific.  He brings a broad sport perspective and personalizes his message for our swimmers.  He really gets to the know the athletes and is always positive with them. He helps bring confidence to our athletes.



IMG_0647State Champions, Head Coach Eric Nance– “Dr. Rob Bell gave our players belief and confidence going into important games during tournament time. His positive encouragement kept our team calm and focused. Dr. Rob Bell is a big part of helping the Avon Orioles become state champions!





Erik Barnes, Web.com Tour  “Dr. Bell was able to help me understand where my thoughts and actions need to go under stress. This was instrumental in helping me keep calm in contention.”





Head Baseball Coach, Alex Marconi- “Dr. Rob Bell has provided our team with the tools to focus during competition and refocus when things don’t go our way. His ability to connect with our athletes on a level that few can impresses each and every time.”



 Andy Pedersen, Head Coach, HSE HS/Southeastern Swim Club –  “Dr Rob   Bell has played an integral role in the development of our athletes. He has the uncanny ability to be a “rah-rah” guy one minute and then an intense and focused listener the next. Our athletes trust him and look forward to the days when he will be at our practices and competitions.



MAC Coach of the Year, Mike Fleck.
“Dr. Rob has provided mental training assistance within practice and has set up a mental training guide that we use on a daily basis. A must have.”



AVON OLD FARMS– Brian Doyle “As athletes and as people, we have ‘hinge moments’ – moments which change the course of our careers and our lives.  Dr. Bell encouraged boys to look for these ‘hinge moments’…..as they don’t come pre-announced…..”



Brian Hofman- Associate AD- Ohio Northern University- Dr. Bell really hit home two important points to our teams.  The importance of confidence and body language.  We have talked about, and applied, those two points consistently not just in competition, but in how we practice and prepare for competition.  While we were confident already, we are now oozing confidence and I credit that to some simple cues and clues Dr. Bell.” 



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Head Golf Coach, Mark Guhne: 3x Southern Conference Coach of the Year.
“Dr. Rob has developed a road map for success. He is very insightful about what it takes for every player to reach their full potential.”

Lynsey Miller, Academic Advisor, Canisius College.
“By focusing on 3 main ideas; that simple is powerful, focus on solutions, and hold onto successes, Dr. Bell was able to capture the attention of 300 student-athletes here at Canisius, and leave them with a lasting impression.”