After a few conversations with Dr. Bell, I could already feel a difference in my thinking and one of the biggest things that we talked about was positivity. Positivity in everything, on and off the course. Waking up and starting the day on a positive note, no matter how early the wake up call. “The first hour of the day, directs the rudder for the day.”

“When I won my first PGA Tour event, Dr. Rob also completed a 50-mile ultra that same weekend. So, I wasn’t going to let him get all the glory. Puke & Rally is the calling card to success because if you want something bad enough, you’ll encounter setbacks. The key is ‘will you comeback?'”

“Dr. Bell has helped me gain a mental edge on the competition and I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to do the same!”

“You only play bad, when you allow yourself to play bad. Our work has helped tremendously”

“Dr. Rob Bell’s philosophy on preparation is second to none. It allows the player to get out of his own way in order to reach goals both on and off the course.”

“Working with Dr. Rob has been transformative to me on many levels. I began by looking to gain mental toughness during these challenging times. I ended up learning that this process is a life long journey – not a destination. I further discovered that having a trusted coach keeps you focused on not reacting to random events and circumstances. In practice none of us will be able to resist life’s great behavioral traps – but with Dr. Rob as your guide you’ll remain focused and confident on the journey.”

“Working with Dr. Rob, I’ve obtained a new perspective within life and the goals that I’m chasing. Within this new persepctive, I’ve not only acheived MORE of my goals, but am experfiencing a higher quality of life along the path as well.”  

Keynote Speaker On Mental Toughness

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