The most important lesson from the Ryder Cup

“You don’t tug on superman’s cape.” But that is exactly what the U.S. team did… Through three matches, (Keegleson) Phil Mickelson & Keegan Bradley were the hottest pair in the history of the event. They won their matches 4up, 2up, & 7up. They even beat the pairing of Luke Donald & Sergio Garcia, who had been previously unbeaten together! Mickelson compared their own pairing to Seve & Olazabel, as the most successful pairing in history. The best highlight reel even came from Pepsi as he did the helicopter with the flagstick. 

Keegan was America’s Ian Poulter; amped up and pivotal, and then it all changed. The highwater mark of the Ryder Cup was when the U.S. was leading 10-4. But I think it happened after Keegleson won 7&6 and Phil remarked, “don’t be surprised if we are not paired together.” Regardless of how the situation occurred, Keegleson sat on Saturday afternoon, gave the eye of  Ryder Cup back to Ian Poulter, and Europe closed saturday’s matches only down 10-6.

The importance of a game plan is that when something is working, it is working–Don’t do anything different. When perfection or greatness is attainable, we (you) have to be able to finish the game. In 2008, Jim Caldwell, head coach of the Colts sat his starters when the team was 14-0. They finished the season 14-2, and lost in the Superbowl to the Saints. You think he still would have sat Peyton Manning knowing a perfect season was attainable? All one has to do is examine history, which shows the greatest mistakes in battle was due to an army not “crushing” its opponent when it had the chance. 

Say Keegleson loses their afternoon match, The U.S. still would have lost with their best pairing on the field. Think they would have been able to muster enough strength to play their single matches?

On the other hand, when something isn’t working, do anything different. I was shocked that Tiger & Stricker were paired together again Saturday afternoon.  The Tiger/Stricker pairing was obviously not working. While Tiger has always struggled with Alternate ball play, and he could have been paired with anyone else during saturday foursomes.

My crystal ball predictions:

  • Ian Poulter status as a player and confidence will propel him to win a major.  
  • I hope Jim Furyk can bounce back, but he’ll need some assistance and change some things up. I am not sure if boxing is the same as golf, but as famous sportswriter William Nack once said, “once it’s beaten out of you, it’s gone forever.” 
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