The Odds

“So you’re saying there’s a chance.”

 A few weeks ago, I couldn’t resist the temptation, so I went and bought five Powerball tickets. Purchasing a lottery ticket is not part of my normal routine, but the $500 million payout was very appealing.

Even before I bought my tickets, I was aware of the odds: 1 in 175,000,000, meaning I had a better chance of getting mauled by a bear, eaten by a shark, or getting struck by lightning. It’s discouraging when you put the odds in perspective. However, I wasn’t about to let the incredulous odds prevent me from buying the golden ticket.

Think about what’s possible, not what’s probable…

 Think of the things that wouldn’t have happened if the odds had been the determining factor. The USA hockey team would have never upset the Russians in the 1980 winter Olympics. Rudy Ruettiger would have not have stepped on the football field as a member of the Notre Dame Football team. Jackie Robinson would not have been the first African American Major Leaguer. Anthony Starego, an autistic high school football player, would never have had the chance to kick a game winning field goal for his team.

In those situations, the odds were against them. However, the odds no matter how big, are just predictors. The probability of the outcome goes out the window once we commit to our goals, because the odds don’t account for preparation, desire, perseverance, or confidence. 

The odds of winning the lottery and a sporting event are two very different things. But if you don’t get yourself into the game, then you can’t win. Don’t let the odds discourage you enough to not follow through. You have to want something bad enough that you believe you can accomplish it. Your self-confidence must outweigh the odds in pursuit of your goal.

Are you more concerned with the odds or what you can control? Remember the odds don’t account for your attitude, effort, and confidence. These three things can change the odds.

“May the odds, be ever in your favor.”-Hunger Games

About the Author: Will Drumright is an Associate of DRB. He works with athletes of all ages, especially good one’s. He can be reached at or twitter  @wcdrummy15 

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