UNFUNDED- Book Review

How do you start a fire without any gasoline? The same way with gasoline….Except, if you can start a fire WITHOUT gasoline, you can sustain a real fire. What Nick Carter, President of AddressTwo,  writes in his book, UNFUNDED, From Bootstrap to Blue Chip is that a real fire takes more than just gasoline; it takes kindling, correct logs, and a fan to the flame.

Seriously, is there a better analogy of building a business from scratch? Having built fires growing up, it is spot on. Best of all, it is a not a business plan book! It merely addresses what successful non-VC entrepreneurs do; address a problem, and offer the solution.This book actually rivals another of my favorite, The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur, by Mike Michalowicz.

The stories throughout are awesome —from selling Jeep Parts, to polishing cannon balls—BUT it is an easy, yet action provoking read. However, the turn by turn directions of mapping the UNFUNDED start-up is the real core of this book. As Nick writes, “a street ball” team rewards individual skills, but will almost always lose to a disciplined team that executes the fundamentals.” 

My favorite section is The Balance Shifts. The revenue gains of a start-up have exceeded the hard costs of production and the balance  shifts to becoming budget dependent on the sales. This stage is silent, yet monumental, because it means accelerated growth. Invest in yourself. Go unfunded. Start your own fire.  

Quite honestly, I am very thankful to have read this book, It is honest!! This is a book that can help direct the focus, and provide the camper’s guide to starting a fire WITHOUT gasoline. Best of all, once the fire is going, others will want to bask in it’s warmth (exit strategy) and you become free to start another fire…

Dr. Rob Bell is the author of Mental Toughness Training for Golf, an AASP certified Sport Psychology consultant, and caddy on tour. He consults with athletes, coaches, and teams at all levels helping build and enhance their own mental toughness.  His website is www.drrobbell.com and you can find him on Twitter @drrobbell,

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