Why Andy Murray will win Wimbledon (It has nothing to do with him).

Obviously, I cannot predict the future, and whenever I make predictions, I am often wrong. (Hence why I have never won my final four bracket).

That said; here is why Andy Murray will win Wimbledon. Obviously, it’s all about confidence, but it’s not what you think…

photo: www1.skysports.com

photo: www1.skysports.com

A recap: He lost in last years Wimbledon finals against Roger Federer, the king of Wimbledon.

However, he turned around and won the Gold medal match against Federer a month later on the same exact court. His Olympic Gold Medal win cemented the belief in himself that he could win a major. He then won the next major that year winning the U.S. Open!

His past performance is evidence that he can win Wimbledon, but the real reason he will win has nothing to do with him.

It’s because the English fans now believe!

In the past, the All-England club really, really, really, really  hoped that he win, but they never believed.  A brit has not won Wimbledon since Fred Perry in 1936. (So, It takes a lot for the Brits to believe.)

That’s changed and here is proof: During the Quarterfinal match against Verdasco, when Murray was down two sets to nil, I listened for the fans to lose hope and they never did! In the past, English fans would yell “come on!” and try to root and will their player, either Murray, or Tim Henman onto victory, but not this time. There was still cheering, but it was celebration, not desperation. They believed!

It’s a small difference, but little things make big impacts.

Andy Murray believes he can win, but the real confidence is now with England, the fans believe he can win. Lastly, when players win comeback matches like he did in five sets against Verdasco, they become Hinge moments! 

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