The Ultimate Guide to Never EVER
Choking Again!

Ahoy! I'm Dr. Rob Bell and I'll be your coach.  

Choking in performance is a nasty word and frankly it’s overused. 

But, it happens. 

It sometimes happens to the very best, but I'm here to show you how to never choke again so you won't have to go through that anguish and pain ever!

The fear, embarrassment, and hurt will evaporate. 

BETTER STILL is that with this help, you'll WANT to be in those tough pressure filled situations.

Here's how to never choke again! 


Companies I Have Worked With...

Famous Choking Moments...

  • Jessica Simpson was singing at the Kennedy Center for her idol, Dolly Parton. The entire event was a television tribute to Dolly Parton. Jessica Simpson sang the famous “ 9 to 5” song before her idol at the packed house. Simpson flubbed her lines in the song, and then completely stopped singing and went off the stage in tears.
  • Scott Hoch had a two-foot putt to win The Masters in 1989 and defeat Nick Faldo in a playoff. He missed the putt and Nick Faldo ended up winning the illustrious event on the next playoff hole.
  • Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts administered the oath of office to President Barak Obama. During this historic ceremony, Chief Justice Roberts had memorized the 35 words to the oath, yet messed up. A huge (albeit incorrect) controversy followed that because the oath wasn’t executed the precise way, President Obama wasn’t legally President.
  • Dan O’Brien was on world record pace in the decathlon at Olympic Trials. He was a lock to make the USA Olympic team, and then the Pole vault happened. He past of some lower heights and opted for a higher opening bar. Every competitor gets three attempts at each height, but as Dan O’Brien attempted his opening height, he missed all three attempts. He went from first to last and did not make the Olympic team.

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CHAPTER 1- How To Never Choke Again

Choking- is a sub-optimal performance that occurs in response to the stress of a situation.

First of all, it is more than just a poor performance!

A famous example is Kicker Scott Norwood of the Buffalo Bills. He missed a 47-yard field goal to win the Super Bowl. It was a painful and costly miss, but not a choke. It wasn’t a choke because he only made one kick on grass past 45 yards all season. 

We use examples from sports so often because choking in sports is an event that everyone can see, however a choke can even happen during a big test, business, or (eeek) surgery.

I was hired as a bartender for the lunch shift in a nice restaurant in Crested Butte Colorado. I mean, “How hard could it be?” Well, pouring a draft beer with those pesky handles was more difficult than I thought and the glasses kept filling up with too much foam while waitresses were watching and waiting. I managed to get it done, only after pouring out several glasses of foamed lager under the increasing stress.

The next part however is where the choking occurred. I was to open a beer bottle, which wasn’t a twist off.

No problem on this task. Except as the waitress was standing waiting for the bottle and glass, a not so funny thing happened. I actually BROKE the neck opening of the bottle! I mean, this is tough to even try to do. The waiter and I were both dumbfounded just staring at the large shard of glass.

That was a choke! I wanted to learn how to never choke again! 

I was stressed, being watched, and performed poorly in a situation that I had previously done well.


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