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Mental Toughness Blogwith host, Dr. Rob Bell. Listen to Experts from all fields share about Mental Toughness and their Hinge Moment.

Here is the “Why” behind the concept of 15 Minutes!

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Ep 65- Brian Levenson- Shift Your Mind

Brian Levenson is the founder of Strong Skills, which provides executive coaching. His podcast is titled Intentional Performers where he interviews a diverse group of elite high performers. He is the author of the new book- Shift Your Mind, 9 mental shifts to thrive in preparation and performance.

3:02 Displaying leadership with yourself and others.
5:16 Closing his eyes at lunch. 
9:00 Creating space vs. performing.
12:00 Playing present and holding onto preparation.
14:17 Being intentional with your craft.
16:26 Perspectives on autonomy.
21:30 The story we tell ourselves… up until now.
26:20 Insights on book writing: reading between the lines.
31:24 Strength and personality in long term goals.
38:51 Leveraging instinct. 
43:07 Ignoring the second brain. 
47:03 “Space is where free will lives.”
49:09 The resilience equation.
52:37 A time to be a victim, survive, and thrive. 
56:12 Peanut allergies: gains from adversity.
60:06 NBA athletes experimenting with success. 
65:10 Selfishness for selflessness.
68:40 The best advice he’s ever received. 

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Ep 63 Luke Tyburski- The Mental Toughness of The Calendar Club.

Luke Tyburski is an endurance athlete, coach, speaker, and Aussie. His documentary is titled ” The Ultimate Triathlon” and his book is titled Chasing Extreme. He has done some amazing feats, including the #calendarclub which is running that day of the month. Hence 1 mile-day 1, and so on.

4:04 “Why?”
10:28 Day 1: Just show up.
13:40 Setting intentions early on.
16:35 How to achieve success on a daily basis.
19:10 Making recovery work through pausing and stillness.
24:49 Conquering day 24 with one foot in front of the other.
30:53 How to use pain to focus.
33:33 Finding a way rather than quitting.
37:22 “What am I willing to risk to achieve this?”
39:30 The essential piece to tough challenges.
42:53 Day 26 and the breakdown.
45:43 Moving forward, Luke would run more.
48:25 Mentally recovering after training.
49:58 Day 31: What did the finish look like?
54:40 What remains after running 500 miles a month.
57:00 “I choose discomfort.”

Ep 62- Daniel Kelly- Whatever It Takes To Be An NFL Scout 

As a 17-year old, his parents bought him the book Secrets of an NFL Scout.  From there, he’d tell his classmates, he was going to be an NFL scout and he did. Here is his story. Author of the book whatever it takes. 

  • 3:30 Obsessed with a future career.
  • 4:25 Total leap of faith: Putting in all he had.
  • 8:39 The first call back. 
  • 10:05 Lessons from the best coaches in the NFL.
  • 11:11 Paying attention to ideas and people. 
  • 14:10 Progressing forward one step at a time.
  • 16:16 “Impossible is only a mindset.”
  • 17:43 The most critical piece to team success.
  • 19:40 A scout’s perspective: analyzing the intangibles.
  • 21:59 The type of players to watch.
  • 23:45 “It factor” facade. 
  • 28:12 Every teams’ defining moment. 
  • 29:34 “It’s everything to me.”
  • 31:47 Daniel’s favorite athlete.
  • 34:00 Decisions based on faith.
  • 35:05 Faith, trust, and what’s next. 

Ep 61- Caroline Mohr- 504 Hours…The Time Left With Both My Legs

In 2011 Caroline achieved her dream of playing golf professionally. Only two months later she survived an earthquake in New Zealand. Just over a month after the natural disaster, she was diagnosed with cancer of her knee, after which she had to amputate her leg to survive.

  • 3:05 From a hamster wheel to progress: gaining new perspectives.
  • 4:25 “I’ve never felt the earth be so powerful.”
  • 8:27 A heroic connection made before the quake.
  • 10:52 Hit with another shake.
  • 13:35 “This is the time I have left with my two legs.”
  • 16:35 Showing up with responsibility and trust.
  • 17:55 Trust built on the courage to rebuild.
  • 19:31 New visions for her life: childlike imagination.
  • 21:40 Drawing on mental training.
  • 22:13 “The comeback was the first time I didn’t focus on the results.”
  • 26:26 Horses can only look forward.
  • 30:53 How to tap into your power.
  • 33:05 Caroline’s golden question.
  • 35:15 First the seed, then the gift.
  • 36:25 Feed your thoughts to play full out.
  • 42:21 How attractive is your outcome?
  • 45:18 The painful cost of staying comfortable.
  • 51:30 “What’s next?”

Ep 59- Scott Fawcett- Golf Is More Like Shooting a Shot Gun.

Scott Fawcett is the creator of the DECADE decade golf system whose system has transformed the game of golf to make better players at all levels. D.E.C.A.D.E. has helped winners at all levels, PGA Tour, LPGA, Mini-tour, champions tour, ncaa champions, etc.

3:00 The most consistent golfer no one is talking about.

10:00 The “cancel culture” and finding common ground.

15:10 “Golf is more like shooting a shotgun.”

17:42 Playing the edges of the green.

20:32 90% of the highest golf scores reflect quitting.

21:22 Optimal performance with high emotions.

24:03 How do you evaluate gains in golf?

27:24 “No statistic tells us much on its own.”

31:16 Accidental meditation.

38:39 Recognize rumination while playing.

41:13 You against you: there is no opponent in golf.

44:13 Managing expectations.

45:26 The biggest misconception about strategy.

49:15 Fairways: PGA or LPGA?

51:23 Everyone is an expert on something.

55:12 Information before motivation.

57:18 The purpose of Scott’s work.

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Dr. Rob Bell

Episode 55- Dr. Bhrett McCabe- The Best way Out Of A pandemic Is Through…

Dr. Bhrett McCabe is a clinical psychologist and one of the best in the business of performance enhancement. He owns and is the founder of The Mindside and has worked with the University of Alabama and multiple PGA Tour players. His podcast is titled: The Secret To Winning and his book is titled: The MindSide Manifesto.  

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  • 3:00 Surrounded by greatness: getting a phD in baseball. 
  • 7:45 Injury, hypnotherapy, and mechanics. 
  • 12:20 Creating outcomes vs. preventing mistakes.
  • 14:00 The catalyst to Bhrett’s success.
  • 15:00 Mono, night class, and the beginnings of his future.
  • 19:44 When his professor sat back and smiled. 
  • 26:18 Three simple words that make all the difference.
  • 28:20 World-class expertise and spite.
  • 31:00 The 70% left behind during the pandemic. 
  • 34:32 “Life stress does not need to be diagnosed.” 
  • 36:36 Nixing stress for the long run.
  • 38:28 From threat to connection: our constant evolution.
  • 40:25 Three 3 phases of getting through the unknown.
  • 43:02 What’s our goal? 
  • 44:55 Purpose in suffering and winning at something.
  • 48:00 “I was fascinated by the pursuit.”
  • 52:39 Breaking down the formula to success.
  • 55:13 The best of the best do these two things.
  • 59:45 “What do you really like?” 

Episode 54- Phil Wallin- CEO of Diesel fitness and Why “Keep Attacking” is the Motto for Mental Toughness

Phil Wallin is the owner and performance specialist of Diesel fitness  They train multiple MLB All-Stars such as Andrew McCutchen, Pedro Alvarez, and Starlin Castro, and consult with a number of NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, LPGA, and professional soccer players. Follow on Instagram 

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3:05 Taking a risk and getting uncomfortable.

5:45 The other side of leaving home. 

8:00 Grit breeds the elite.

10:48 Lessons learned from early coaching jobs.

13:40 The journey to entrepreneurship. 

16:11 Mental toughness: consistent hard work and confidence. 

19:40 Staying dialed into the process.

21:30 What athletes need: “a holistic approach.” 

26:00 “When the times are uncertain, what do you have? Your mind and your body.”

28:27 Two possible outcomes: better or worse.

30:39 Once you get to the top it’s time to go back to work.

35:17 Expansion and authenticity: Phil’s high points. 

39:32 Hands in ice water: how Dr. Bell and Phil met.

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Dr. Rob Bell 

Episode 53- Jeff Vierling- CEO of Tailwind Nutrition and the Sweet Taste of Helping Others during Covid-19 Crisis.

Jeff Vierling is the CEO of Tailwind Nutrition. Tailwind combines complete fuel, hydration, and electrolytes in a tasty drink that won’t turn your stomach into a brick. ALL YOU NEED, ALL DAY. REALLY. Tailwind will match every donation to support every hospital! 

Tailwind hospital product donation

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4:11 Jeff shares his hinge moment and the creation of Tailwind Nutrition.

6:22 The hinge moment in creating his business.

8:34 His perspective on entrepreneurship: “Just show up at the start line.”

11:08 “It didn’t happen overnight.” Jeff details the journey of creating his product.

16:04 The next step is helping athletes all around the world. 

18:19 The overlap in being an endurance athlete and a business owner.

20:24 “Entrepreneurship is a solo sport.”

22:47 “Pushing a boulder uphill” in business.

24:10 Adapting to the needs of the customers. 

25:59 How COVID-19 has affected his business. 

29:27 Bringing Tailwind Nutrition into hospitals.

31:48 Persevering as a team through the pandemic. 

35:05 Jeff’s view on exercise during the quarantine. 

37:15 The importance of using a virtual platform to remain connected. 

39:09 Problems are opportunities, not obstacles.

41:28 Jeff’s drive for community engagement.  

Ep 52- Scott Stallings- The Mental Toughness Of Transforming Your “Entire” Self.

Scott is a 3x PGA Tour winner, father, and husband. Scott was one of my first mini-tour clients and had the pleasure of coaching him through his 1st PGA Tour victory. He keeps getting tougher throughout the years and we discussed his transformation and overall grit and mindset, especially during the Pandemic. You’ll love it!

2:45 What mental toughness means for Scott, especially during a pandemic.

5:53 “We’re only going to make decisions on what we KNOW.”

10:16 What time in the gym means to Scott.

15:14 Scott shares his hinge moment with his health.

24:12 The turning point and his priorities beyond golf.

26:22 How Scott is using his platform to share his story.

29:50 “Its about you and what you put out.”

32:06 Giving kids the opportunity to play golf through his initiatives.

38:03 Scott’s advice for young golfers: “This game owes you nothing.”

40:01 Mindset dictates outcomes.

41:04 “Golf is the only sport in the world where you can do everything right and get a bad result.”

45:49 Scott’s perspective on starting with the hard stuff first.

49:10 The benefits of asking people what they’re working on.

Ep 50: Donald Scott: Mental Toughness of A Triple Jump Champion

Donald Scott is the USATF 2017, 2018 & 2019 Triple Jump Champion. The 2020 USA Olympic Team is the goal! Scott attended Eastern Michigan University (EMU), where he earned a degree in criminal justice as well as 9 MAC titles!

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2:43 Donald shares details of how his life changed at twelve years old.

7:30 Memories of his mindset changing.

9:20 “It takes adversity to push a person.” How his upbringing affects him today.

11:07 Having his own family while training.

11:53 Donald shares emotional moments leading up to the World Championships.

17:18 Competing despite suffering a loss.

20:33 Reflecting on who he competed for.

22:27 The best part of what he does.

24:03 Mental toughness needed in the triple jump.

26:00 His mental cues the day of a competition.

28:48 “Follow your own process.”

30:02 How his faith guides him to his goals.

31:10 “Slow dance in the air.” Donald describes the triple jump.

33:34 Current goal: Make the Olympics.

35:46 Donald’s takeaway message: set goals high and enjoy our own journey.

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Ep- 48- Martin Rooney: Coach To Coach: How To Be A Great Leader

Coaching isn’t something you do TO someone. Coaching is something you do WITH someone.
Great coaches don’t light fires UNDER people. They light fires INSIDE of them.
And great coaches aren’t BORN…they’re MADE! 

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1:50 Martin Rooney introduces himself.
3:22 Martin discusses the “time-problem diagnosis.”
7:05 How to do a distraction-detox.
9:20 Being a builder for yourself and others.
12:45 The mission of Martin’s book: make the world of coaches better.
16:38 Martin walks through a story in his book on growing as a coach.
21:36 One major takeaway from the book: “What gets rewarded gets repeated.”
23:30 How kids today need to be coached.
24:28 Incentives for getting the book before the March 10th launch date.
27:21 Martin’s main question for maintaining discipline.
29:57 “The word, ‘coach’ doesn’t mean it’s over, it means it’s just starting.”

Ep 47- Lisa Tamati- A Relentless Mental Toughness to Save Her Mum.

Lisa Tamati is an ultra-endurance athlete and coach. Racing everywhere from the Sahara, to the Gobi, to Death Valley to the Himalayas. She has also had to overcome many obstacles in her personal life from losing two babies to bringing back her mum after an aneurysm left her with major brain damage, to getting through a divorce and financial ruin to rebuild her life. Her new book is titled: Relentless- How a mother and daughter defied the odds.  

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3:31 How she defines mental toughness: “water against stone.”

5:00 Lisa describes her worst Ultra race. 

11:33 Her previous mentality on failure.

13:18 When her mindset began to change. 

16:45 How Lisa uses transparency as a way to connect to others.

19:42 Staying relentless in finding a cure for her mother. 

22:14 “I don’t believe in comfortable.”

29:51 How resilience and ignoring doubt led her to success.

31:22 Taking one step after another: what Ultra running taught her.

32:02 Staying patient on the way to the end goal.

33:13 “The tougher things get, the smaller the focus needs to be.”

34:19 A story on how fears are false beliefs in the mind.

36:49 How a traumatic loss reshaped her perspective and mentality.

42:05 How expressing emotions helped her and her husband work through loss.

43:51 Lisa shares thoughts and stories on how to access our full potential. 

46:03 Proving people wrong as fuel after getting out of an abusive relationship.

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Ep 44- Maggie Guterl- First Woman To Win Big’s Backyard Ultra

Maggie Guterl is the toughest runner alive. She is not the fastest, but she has the strongest will. She is a brand ambassador and marketing specialist of Tailwind nutrition. An Ultra-runner, she was the winner of Big’s Backyard Ultra, and thus the winner. This race is so brutal, it has only one finisher!

4:24 Her thought process before running 60 hours straight.
6:03 How she believed in her “don’t quit” mindset.
7:45 Preparing for any scenario in a race.
9:32 The hardest training session that helped her prepare for the race.
11:08 Focusing on herself instead of her competition.
12:30 Staying in the game by believing in winning.
13:24 The toughest part of the race.
14:22 How Maggie passes the time while running.
15:20 Verbal cues to stay in peak performance.
16:05 Why races are a team effort.
19:30 “Running for an entire gender.”
21:26 How stubbornness is useful in running.
23:07 Maggie’s best mental skill: being all-or-nothing.
24:00 The definition of mental toughness.
26:28 ”If your heart’s not in the training, then it’s not good training.”
27:26 Maggie’s hinge moment.
30:48 Tough moments before finding running.
32:29 “Question your motives.”
33:41 Doubtful people that pushed her harder.
35:00 “Because I can, I feel like I should.”
37:45 Finding meaning in her suffering.
40:19 Maggie reflects on her experiences with the Barkley race.
44:34 The benefits of having a crew at the Barkley race.
45:46 Maggie’s mindset for achievement.
47:14 A message to young runners: “Don’t compare yourself to anyone else.”

Ep 42- Paul Higgins- The Required Mental Toughness Of A Solopreneur

Paul Higgins is a Community Builder, Mentor and Podcaster for Soloprenuers. Paul worked for Coca-Cola for 18 years running multi-million dollar divisions. In 2011, Paul had a kidney transplant in February 2019. He left due to an inherited condition and set up his own startups to suit his lifestyle. His best mate was the live donor. Paul has an infectious personality and is always giving first. You can find out more at where he has mentored 100’s of Soloprenuers to achieve success.

  • 4:40 Paul illustrates a series of moments leading to his hinge moment.
  • 8:10 Questions he asked himself when finding his true pursuit.
  • 9:26 Recommendations for being a “solo-preneur”.
  • 10:50 True mental toughness is brought to light when starting a company.
  • 11:25 Three key principles he uses to help solo-preneurs.
  • 12:13 “Time is everything.” Value your time and be efficient with technology.
  • 13:15 Know your “ideal client.”
  • 13:36 Pay yourself before paying others.
  • 13:56 Sell and promote your services with confidence.
  • 14:17 Surround yourself with a strong team for support.
  • 15:20 Using dialysis as a time to work.
  • 16:45 “What’s the best outcome I can achieve out of this?”
  • 17:05 The perspective he gained from living with an illness.
  • 18:45 Running a business despite personal health struggles.
  • 20:30 His near-death experience and what it taught him.
  • 22:12 The backstory of how his best friend became his kidney donor.
  • 25:18 The three questions he asks himself before bed each night.
  • 29:00 Paul’s view of mental toughness.
  • 32:45 Being curious and proactive; a top mentality of successful business-owners.
  • 34:00 The biggest mistake people make in starting a business.
  • 35:25 How to create LinkedIn posts and grow your network.
  • 38:36 All the people who doubted Paul’s ability.
  • 40:37 The five drives discussed in Paul’s book.
  • 41:06 “Working more doesn’t make more money.”
  • 45:25 Final piece of advice: “use the disaster scale.”

Ep 41- Devan Kline- The Culture of Burn Boot Camp Builds Mental Toughness

Devan Kline, former San Francisco Giants baseball player turned Co-Founder and CEO of Burn Boot Camp. One of the fastest-growing franchises in the US, because of his passion and enthusiasm for helping people achieve more than they ever thought possible. Recently he released his new book “Stop Starting Over!”

  • 2:22 Devan Kline’s introduction. 
  • 4:20 How he’s changing the fitness industry.
  • 5:30 Burn Bootcamp’s mission: “champion the underdog.”
  • 7:15 The common mindset in the individuals he helps.
  • 9:30 “We were built on culture.”
  • 10:56 The one person who believed in his mission.
  • 11:55 Mental toughness: knowing the threshold of what you can control.
  • 13:42 “I put my problems in perspective.”
  • 14:40 Prepare for challenges on the way to the top.
  • 17:20 How Devan’s past taught him to focus on gratitude. 
  • 20:15 Using past hurt as fuel for today.
  • 22:18 “I’m coming for everything they said I couldn’t have.”
  • 24:18 How important is it to have someone discourage you? 
  • 26:26 Pairing intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.
  • 27:08 Devan shares his hinge moment.
  • 31:48 When Devan hosted the first camp up with Burn Boot camp. 
  • 34:10 The power of visualizing your success.
  • 36:21 “Your life is won or lost with the thoughts that you allow yourself to believe.”
  • 37:39 How setting intentions is like following the North Star.
  • 40:11 Walking the tightrope that separates who you are with who you want to be.

Ep 40- Sandy Zimmerman- The First Mom to Hit The Buzzer on American Ninja Warrior

Wait until you hear THIS Killer story from Sandy Zimmerman! Mental Strength and sharing your story!! Dream Big Dreams! 

This 43-year-old mother of three from Spokane, has been a Physical Education teacher for 20 years. Oldest woman and first mom to ever complete the American Ninja Warrior course. Played Division 1 basketball at Gonzaga University. A Former national judo champion.

  • 3:48 How Sandy became inspired to do American Ninja Warrior.
  • 6:33 Sandy’s passion for sport, and what competing means to her.
  • 8:03 Grit, determination, and persistence: the life lessons that Ninja teaches.
  • 8:37 Watching her child learn the power of persistence through training.
  • 10:54  Sandy’s big goal: overcome self-doubt. 
  • 13:01 Sandy describes the day she won American Ninja Warrior.
  • 16:30 How Sandy navigated the shame in her childhood.
  • 21:01 Trauma does not define her.
  • 24:46 Sandy defines mental toughness.
  • 27:50 The role that faith has played in Sandy’s journey.
  • 31:15 Sandy’s hinge moment: “You could go to the Olympics.”
  • 34:46 How she began dreaming big dreams in basketball.
  • 36:10 “I could change my family tree with this sport.”
  • 38:21 Part of success is having people on the journey with you.
  • 39:25 Sandy describes her spontaneous two-hour move as a child.
  • 42:50 How her love of judo translated to basketball.
  • 44:33 Sandy recalls the role that basketball played in her life.
  • 46:15 “You’re not good enough.”
  • 47:44 The impact of a severe injury on the way to play Division I basketball.
  • 49:12 “I found joy in the thought of proving all those people wrong.”
  • 50:42 Mental toughness is a learned skill.
  • 52:40 The power of hope and making small strides each day.

Ep 39- Drumming Great- Kenny Aronoff- Mental Toughness Means Not Going Home. 

Kenny Aronoff has played drums professionally with everybody! 

Kenny began his rock career touring and performing with John Mellencamp for 17 years! When Mellencamp decided to take time off, Kenny was motivated to embark on his own. He fulfilled a lifelong goal–and became a sought-after session drummer, as well as a touring drummer.

Today, Kenny Aronoff spends his time touring, recording in the studio, and teaching people how to embrace adversity and gain confidence in their personal and professional lives.

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Ep 38- Coach Hawk- White Hot Vision of Mental Toughness 

“Coach Hawk” is currently in his third year as the Head Football Coach of UC Davis.

Dan guided the FCS program to the 2018 Big Sky Championship and the program to its first ever FCS playoff appearance, making it to the national quarterfinals. He was awarded the both the 2018 Big Sky coach of the year, and the 2018 Eddie Robinson FCS national coach of the year. A veteran American Football coach of over 35 years, he has coached at every level of gridiron from youth through professional American football. After Boise State Hawk had stints as a head coach at the University of Colorado, and professionally with the Montreal Alouettes in the CFL.  

Gil Reyes- Fear, Truth, & Confrontation as The Path To Mental Toughness 

Gil Reyes spent 17 years as Andre Agassi’s strength and conditioning coach. He still operates his gym out of Las Vegas and trains athletes from all sports. His responses to mental toughness and mental health were iconic and worthy of your ears and tears…

Jaime Masters- Mental Toughness Lessons From Millionaires

Jaime’s been featured on Yahoo’s homepage 6 times, and in Inc, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider. She’s been a top Business Coach for over 10 years and has helped hundreds of 6 & 7 figure Entrepreneurs and Business Owners optimize every area of their business. She’s also the host of the online show – Eventual Millionaire, where she’s interviewed over 400 self-made millionaires. She’s a tech geek, has two kiddos – and even has a sword wall in her house – Plus she loves creating automated systems and talking business growth!  

3:40 Jaime shares the top patterns in Millionaires #1: “Commitment to the end goal no matter what.”

5:17 Jaime talks about what she considers to be a piece of mental toughness.

6:14 Jaime explains the “Millionaire Myth” experienced by Olympic athletes and entrepreneurs.

7:53 “Loving both sides of the coin.”

8:40 Jaime shares how “visioning” is a top method used by the millionaires she’s interviewed.

10:33 Why do we downplay our wins? Jaime answers the question.

11:23 How to enjoy the journey: Jaime relates mental toughness as a way to speak kinder to ourselves.

12:58 Jaime’s secret to slowing down. The “gift of her lifetime.”

15:20 Jaime shares how her sword wall came to be. “Competition is a gift”

15:54 “Not about the win or the loss.” Finding out what truly makes you happy.

16:49 Burn out: Jaime sheds light on figuring out what truly matters.

17:51 How Jaimie sees adversity as an asset. 

21:28 “Tall Poppy Syndrome” Jaime describes how to push past negative feedback while in the pursuit of your goals.

22:47 How Jaime applies mental toughness to be a mother of two and a business owner.

25:18 Jaime describes her hinge moment.

29:05 Jaime defines mental toughness and how she applies it to her life.

30:45 What is the purpose of “feelings”, and how can they guide us?

34:43 Jaime shares another hinge moment, and how her new definition of success came to be.

35:32 Ways to get the most out of life on a daily basis.

37:54 Jaime describes how she quiets her mind using a technique different from meditation.

40:45 Jaime shares how business owners can benefit from jotting down their ideas.

42:05 Why Jaimie values creativity in her everyday life.

Mory & Denise- Running Across Indiana- 382 miles!

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Mory Bailey- Started ultra-distance running in 2010. Completed multiple distances 50ks to 100ks driven by the “what if” mindset testing both physical and mental endurance. Eventually answered the call of the “hundo” in 2014. In 2015, she set out to complete five 100 mile races in 8 months, and since then over 30 ultras; 11 of them being 100 milers. As she celebrates her 2nd year of being a cancer warrior, in November 2018 she crossed Indiana, 382 miles from south to north. Denise Poynter- is a wife and mother to six children. She has completed over 30 full-marathons, 9- 50 milers, and IT 100,st . pats 24 hr race, kettle 100, and the Jag 100. She supported Mory during her crossing of Indiana, South to North.

  • 4:55- “Never giving up…not thinking about the pain”; Mory and Denise define what Mental Toughness has meant for them.
  • 6:44- Mory’s WHY for running 382 miles through Indiana.
  • 8:46- The tough moments that tested Mory and Denise’s mental toughness on their long run.
  • 12:20- Changing your focus when that negative voice creeps in.
  • 14:01- The standout memory from crossing Indiana.
  • 19:00- The inspirational bridge that the ladies crossed on their journey.
  • 20:46- The planning, down to the MINUTE, that Mory put into all 382 miles of Indiana Crossing for a Cure.
  • 24:00- How to train your brain to respond when you need it most.
  • 29:06- Denise’s motivation for running and her “thought planning” technique.
  • 30:46- What Denise learned about being mentally tough through those 100-mile races.
  • 33:22- Mory’s lesson from all her races: Patience and a helping hand are always needed.
  • 36:55- What Mory has to say about fueling your goals by others.
  • 38:43- Denise’s life lessons she learned from running.


Greg Sinche- From a Stroke at Age 5 to an Ironman

3:28- Greg’s big HINGE moment that happened at just 5 years old.

5:58- How Greg overcame such a huge obstacle at such a young age.

7:15- Why the drive to “prove people wrong” can be such a BIG motivator for success.  

8:30- “I deserve to be happy”…the battle with depression that came along with Greg’s journey.

11:50- What Greg learned about himself through pushing his limits.

13:20- “…It’s disproving that little voice in my head…”; Greg talks about the motivators that got him through the tough training days.

14:27- The physical challenges that Greg faces and how he mentally overcomes them.

18:30- THAT feeling of finishing an Ironman.

20:32- What really sticks out to an Ironman competitor looking back on the whole process.

22:14- Greg’s advice for attacking ANY challenge in front of you.

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Joe Skovron- Long-time caddy to Rickie Fowler
3:05 Discipline, adversity, the ability to perform under pressure…Joe’s three components to
Mental Toughness.
6:06- Where does preparation come into play with the mental toughness game?
7:05- Finding what works for you could be the key to YOUR success.
8:14- The mental components necessary for caddying.
10:08- How Joe moves on from mistakes at the moment.
14:35- How a chip on your shoulder could be a great asset.
19:53- What people might not understand when they watch elite golfers.
21:30- What separates the absolute BEST from the other top players??
26:23- Joe’s HINGE moment; how he got started with Rickie Fowler.
30:00- What youth golf parents NEED to know.
35:10- The experience of a junior golf star.
42:05- Joe’s best memory from his successful career. (i.e., Tiger Woods)
48:42- Joe’s advice for building the mental toughness muscle. (i.e. Tiger Woods)
49:46- What it means to have a good attitude on the course.

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Iron Cowboy- 50 Ironmans, 50 States, 50 Days

Iron Cowboy Podcast on 15 Minutes of Mental Toughness podcast – James Lawrence is an athlete, husband, proud father of four daughters and a son.  Currently holds two world record in 70.3 and 140.6 triathlon racing.  But, His greatest achievement was 50 Ironman courses, 50 consecutive days, through all 50 States.

50-50-50.  Listen Here-  Check out the documentary   Iron Cowboy’s website-

3:58- “Doing what you say you’re going to do…”, what THE Iron Cowboy says being mentally
tough means.
5:46- Who became the biggest role players in the Iron Cowboy’s journey?
6:48- What happens when the Iron Cowboy reaches his mental and physical limits?
8:14- “We are our toughest critics.”, James talks about that negative inner voice we all deal with.
10:57- How the Iron Cowboy deals with negativity when naysayers are ready to pounce.
15:01- What’s next?? James discusses the question he receives all the time concerning his future
16:40- He sat on what for 10 days?! The Iron Cowboy describes one of his big HINGE moments.
20:05- The 1 thing James says is holding you back!
23:15- How does the mental toughness developed from all of the physical training translate into
the day-to-day?
24:29- What are the next steps YOU can take right NOW to accomplish your goals??

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Ron McKeefery- Being a Dream Builder, NOT a Dream Killer

Coach McKeefery, M.A., MSCCC, CSCS*D, is the VP of Performance and Education for PLAE and has been working as a strength and conditioning coach at the Professional and Collegiate level for over 20 years. McKeefery was named Collegiate Strength Coach of the Year in 2008 & 2016, and has had the privilege of working with over 80 players that have gone on to play in the NFL. In addition to a successful coaching career, McKeefery is also the best-selling author of CEO Strength Coach. Check out his mental toughness podcast here…

3:08- “The ability to perform at the highest level no matter the circumstances”; Ron’s true
definition of MENTAL TOUGHNESS.
5:59- Ron on navigating those higher levels of performance.
7:29- How to grow the muscle of Mental Toughness.
10:30- As a 7-year-old, Ron decided to take a different way home that led him to his HINGE
18:10- From a rough childhood to highly successful strength coach, what drove Ron to change
his path?
20:26- Ron’s answer for those who told him, “You can’t.”
23:00- What happened when coach asked his players if they were NFL material?
27:55- The 3 BIG questions coach asks all his players.
32:23- The impactful phone calls that changed the game for Ron as a strength coach.
35:54- How Ron compartmentalizes work so he can be his BEST self at home.
39:46- One thing Ron says we need to know to build Mental Toughness.

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Ted Rath- NFL Strength Coach of The Year- No Rank to a Good Idea

This mental toughness podcast episode is with Ted Rath. He enters his second season with the Los Angeles Rams. He enters his 10th season at the pro level, previously as an assistant strength coach for the Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions.

Prior to joining the Rams, Rath was named assistant strength and conditioning coach in Miami for the 2016 season. Before his stint with the Dolphins, he spent seven seasons (2009-15) with the Detroit Lions as an assistant strength and conditioning coach.

3:12- What is Mental Toughness to Ted?

4:11- Can you develop Mental Toughness?

6:22- What helps athletes overcome adversity?

7:55- How Ted coach’s players through adversity to better prepare them for game day.

10:40- What’s the culture like among an NFL staff?

12:12- Being vulnerable can actually make you a better leader.

13:18- Ted’s HINGE moment.

16:08- How getting fired helped to re-center Ted’s focus.

19:56- What people don’t know about the life of a strength coach in the NFL.

21:53- How to maintain life balance with no off days.

23:43- Keeping work at work and letting it go when you get home.

25:54- Something everyone can do to improve their Mental Toughness.

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Martin Rooney – Mental Toughness And The Salad Bar

This mental toughness podcast episode with Martin Rooney. He is the founder of Training For Warriors. An internationally recognized trainer, speaker, author and pioneer of strength and conditioning, Martin holds a Master of Health Science and Bachelor of Physical Therapy from the Medical University of South Carolina. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science from Furman University.

Martin was a four-time All-Conference, and four-time MVP performer in Track and Field at Furman and a member of the United States Bobsled team. Since the foundation of the TFW system, Martin has traveled around the world to train, compete, and conduct seminars and help prepare world-class athletes and coaches. Martin has been the martial arts consultant to the NY Giants and the NY Jets and a coach on the IFL World Team Champion New York Pitbulls. Martin is currently a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under UFC fighter Ricardo Almeida and a black belt in Kodokan Judo under Olympian Teimoc Johnston-Ono.

He has written eight books called “The Book of 5 Things,” “Rooney’s Rules”, “Train to Win”, “Success Patterns”, “The Team Renzo Gracie Workout”, “Training for Warriors”, “Warrior Cardio” and “Ultimate Warrior Workouts.”

Into The Roar Podcast

2:00- What is Mental Toughness?

3:30- How do we train the mental toughness muscle? If people just did this one step!

5:30- How a coach builds another’s mental toughness!

7:00- The precise steps a coach needs to take to build someone’s mental toughness.

8:52- How the Salad Bar line builds mental toughness.

12:15- Mental Toughness is “doing what we don’t want to do.” Into the Roar!

15:45- The Hinge Moment of Coach Rooney happened as a 7th grader!

21:16- One impact story of Alisha, a Training for Warrior, who is still fighting cancer!

23:00- The one thing that STOPS Mental Toughness! Alisha has become a model for others!

28:00- How coach Rooney flips the script on the host!



1:40- Most people have NO IDEA about this part of Fishing.
3:30-Please Walk us through a 10 hour tournament day.
6:14- How does Mental Toughness impact fishing?
7:20- Stuff actually in our control as a fisherman.
10:14- How important is confidence and momentum?
11:40- How do you let go of mistakes and move on? (LIGMO)
13:00- Your hinge moment of becoming a professional fisherman and getting a sponsor.
16:10- “I just threw my name in a hat.”
17:15- How does your vision impact your mental toughness?
19:07-Helping others get into the sport helps you as well?
21:51- One thing people need to know about becoming mentally tough?

Mental Toughness Podcast Episode features- Todd Hollowell is a full-time touring bass professional on the FLW Tour. In 2018, he will enter into his 7th season on the FLW Tour where he has seven Top-20 finishes, highlighted by a 4th Place at Lake Norman in 2016 and a 2nd place at the Costa Championship in 2017. Todd is a 2x-Forrest Wood Cup qualifier, 4x-Costa Championship qualifier, and 2x BFL All-American qualifier.

Website –
Facebook –
Twitter –

Gary Brackett- Run with the Deer, Hit with the Buffalo.

Download this episode (right click and save)

  • What is Mental Toughness?- :00
  • Why Gary practiced with the linemen.- 3:20
  • Mantra of “give me what you got.”the skills that transfer from sport to life.-3:41
  • The toughest thing that Gary overcame in life.-4:23
  • “I wasn’t a football player! I was CDO- Chief Defense Operator.”- 8:08
  • NO GAS- No One Gives A S____ – 9:24
  • The goal as an entrepreneur and restaurateur. How do football skills transfer? – 14:32
  • The Mental Toughness piece of advice for EVERYONE. – 15:35

Gary Brackett was an undrafted free-agent in 2003 and won a SuperBowl with the Colts in 2006. He played in the NFL for nine (9) seasons. Gary earned his MBA and is a restaurateur and speaker. His goal is to have 50 Stacked Pickle restaurants in 5 years. Gary has a book which will also be a movie titled: Winning: From Walk-On to Captain in Football and Life.


your vision drives your mental toughnessWatch- Coach Joey Burton- Your Vision Drives Your Mental Toughness

:47- What is Mental Toughness?  
6:20- What’s different about players that are or are NOT Mentally Tough?
9:00- The Hinge moment from college basketball to skill development! Wow!
10:00- The way coach builds trust with players.

14:03- A player who shot 1/3 3-pointers the entire sophomore season to 7/10 3-pointers in state championship game. 

15:20- I got told “NO” a Lot. 
17:20- When did you know you were on the right path? 

20:00- Dealing with the financial stress 

23:00- What is it that someone needs to do to build Mental Toughness? 

Instagram page- @coachjoeyburton 

Coach Joey Burton is a 13-year seasoned coach and trainer, having worked with athletes at all skill levels. Joey’s coaching experience at various stages of an athlete’s development has allowed him to identify and develop an athlete’s specific training needs. Joey Burton has trained NBA talent, including Yogi Ferrell and Evan Turner, among others. He’s coached Division 1 NCAA Athletes, and consulted with entire NCAA teams and coaching staffs on skill development. 

mental toughness Vodcast

Watch- Derick Grant, Harlem Globetrotter, & Microwave Success. 

  • How an escalator changed his life forever and became a hinge moment.
  • What is Microwave Success?
  • How can each of us build Mental Toughness?
  • One thing that nobody knows about being a Harlem Globetrotter.

Visit Derick Grant here…

Neil Richmund Mental Toughness and Father's DeathWatch- Neil Richmund, Mental Toughness & A Father’s Death.

  • How the death of his father changed his life as a 10-year old. 
  • Two paths changed because of the death of his father. 
  • If you’re clear on where you are going, your Mental Toughness becomes clearer.  
  • Visit Neil Richmund

Wil Fleming 15 minutes of mental toughnessWatch- Wil Fleming, National Record Holder in Weight Lifting. 

  • How did Wil Fleming’s son power him to a national record in Weight Lifting? 
  • The impact of the last “real” conversation Wil had with his mom.
  • The precise way to FOCUS during important competitions.
  • Do we need to fail in order to have success?
  • How to rebound from not losing for over 2 years?
  • Visit Wil- Force Fitness and Performance or instagram.  

Gerardo Torrado- 15 minutes of Mental Toughness

WATCH- Gerardo Torrado, 3 World Cups with Mexico, 20th Professional Year, CUT at age 14. 

  • What is Mental Toughness? 1:20
  • What is takes to be a professional. 3:00
  • Working on Mental Game. 4:55
  • Getting CUT at age 14. 6:30
  • “You’re not good enough.” 10:51
  • Signing the wrong contract. 11:45
  • What you need to know about building mental toughness. 16:30
  • Is it hard to transition from a professional soccer player? 18:48

VISIT Gerardo Torrado here. 

McKenzie Holmstead- 15 minutes of Mental ToughnessWATCH- McKenzie Holmstead Divorce & Mental Toughness

  • What is Mental Toughness 1:15
  • Why living in SLC means so much to the story. 2:30
  • The Two Paths. 3:21
  • What was the action step of Divorce that became a Hinge Moment? 4:20
  • What is the biggest struggle for Females and Mental Fortitude? 6:50
  • You need to KNOW this tool for Mental Toughness! 9:15

Visit Mckenzie Holmstead Here…

jon busch

WATCH- Jon Busch, Top MLS GK of All-Time Took 5 Professional Years to Be A Rookie. 

  • Mindset of Keepers? 1:10
  • How build Mental Toughness? 2:25
  • What learned most from Sport Psychologist? 2:40
  • How-to let go of mistakes? 5:00
  • It’s NOT who get’s there 1st.- 10:18
  • The next level mentality.-14:57
  • Your Tom Brady moment (not what you think)?- 19:35

Visit Jon Busch Here-

Thaddues Rex- 15 minutes of Mental Toughness

WATCH- Thaddeus Rex, How Every Great Song Returns to the Chorus & Every Great Business Returns to the Brand. 

  • How Your Hinge Moment Ended up as a Book. 1:15
  • The way it has to happen rarely actually ever happens. 6:40
  • What’s the difference between writing a song and a book? 8:00
  • How do we return to our own chorus in business? 14:00
  • What happens when big companies fail? 20:00
  • The ultimate goal of writing a song! 25:03
  • Check out more on Thaddeus Rex-  

    Mark Immelman- 15 minutes of mental toughness

Watch- Mark Immelman, How A Call From Gary Player led to a Masters Win.

  • How a Call from Gary Player the night before the final round helped brother Trevor Immelman win the Masters-  1:00
  • As an All-American in college, losing to his younger brother was a Hinge Moment- 6:25
  • The BEST part about being a Coach? – 10:10
  • Being a coach is a tremendous responsibility! 11:15
  • What is the biggest take-a-way for being a good communicator? 11:44
  • What do people NEED to know in order to be Mentally Tough? 15:08
  • The spiritual side of being a PGA Tour broadcaster. 19:20
  • Why do players switch putters so often? 24:02
  • Getting back to your neutral. 24:58
  • Listen to & Visit Mark Immelman here…

    Watch- Justin Wadsworth- Why an Olympic Coach Helped out A Competitor


    2:30- What Does Mental Toughness Mean to You?      

    4:00 Mental Training Becomes a part of the team culture.  

    5:40 The disappointment of Sochi Olympics.  

    13:00 The Hinge moment of helping out a Russian Skier.

    17:05 The culture of Cross-Country Skiing and the presence of mind to help.

    19:33 What do you think people need in order to be mentally tough?  

    24:40 How difficult is it to be an Olympic Coach? 


mental toughness podcast