CHAPTER 5 - The Solution To Never Choking Again

never choking again

First, Choking happens because we performed well!

NO ONE chokes in the middle of the pack or in last place... You have to be in it to win it.

The solution to never choking again is to take specific action steps.

Choking occurs because we begin to think too much, are under immense pressure with an audience, focus internally on the stress or anxiety, or worry about the outcome of the event. Finally the choke manifests itself in a bad decision, which begins the downward spiral.

Here’s what we can do differently. 

Choking is an event, not a person. 

Yes, choking sucks, hell, losing sucks. It hurts.

There’s not much else to write about the big loss, except, it doesn’t make you are a failure. You are NOT defined by your performance. You bring value outside of what you do!

Yesterday ended last night, so bring value to others lives and to yourself by who you are not what you do.

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