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This Element Will Make or Break Your Mental Toughness.

this element will make you or break you

Wind is the most powerful element and it will make or break your mental toughness. It impacts all of the other elements, from the spread of a wildfire, to a hurricane, and even the windchill factor. In athletics, the success of sailors and golfers hinge on the […]

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I have a brand new project coming out. It is an 18-minute film and E-book titled: NO FEAR: A simple guide to mental toughness. You can sign-up for the pre-release here…. I was a University professor for 5 years and I would announce to every class on […]

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Personality doesn’t matter, or does it?

We think personality has a lot to do with success, but actually it has little impact with success on the field of play. The reason why is that the most important variable for success is confidence. Since the brain is a muscle and we play like we […]

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