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Why we “shouldn’t” have heroes

I was a huge B.J. Surhoff fan. He played baseball for the Brewers and the Orioles. I didn’t just meet him, I rushed into him at a bar at the University of North Carolina and I apparently freaked him out. He wouldn’t even let me buy him […]

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ONE way to be confident…

Everyone faces adversity, encounters struggle, and goes through dry spells. Mental toughness is how we handle, deal, and cope with these setbacks. and adversity. It’s simple, but it’s just not easy. Confidence is the most important part of mental toughness and a true indicator of how we handle […]

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Why confidence is just a feeling…

I have had a few head coaches disagree with this statement that “confidence is a just a feeling.” Folks on twitter have messaged me with their own arguments about confidence. Even some mental coaches disagree with this statement. Yet, I’ll defend it…I’m stubborn. Confidence is the most […]

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