beat the holiday blues

beat the holiday blues

I sometimes get sad around Christmas time and the New Year! 

I get the blues because, all of the build-up, the anticipation, the excitement, and then…. nothing. I simply forget that the journey is more important than the destination. I tell my athletes not to build up any event over another, but I still do it.

I want it to last. “I only wish the good days could last a little longer.”

Many of us experience this, I’m not sure. The expectation that we are supposed to feel a certain way adds to the weight. When things do not go according to plan as well, it gets heavier. 

Perhaps you are one who struggles during this time of year. if you are, then read on. If not, then share it with someone who does.

Three ways to beat the holiday blues 

Be In The Moment.
Don’t Isolate.

1. Be in the moment-

The “Mindfulness” craze is not about being happy. Or at least it shouldn’t be. That only adds pressure!
It’s just about being present.  
Too often, we are thinking about the 25th or the 31st and how we are sad already and it’s just the 22nd. Master the holiday blues by being where your feet are! 
Don’t time travel ahead.
The reality is that it is NOT here yet. Just because we are sad or bummed out today, does not mean tomorrow will be the same way! 
Focus on just this moment and take a deep breath.

2. Don’t Isolate-

When we lose confidence, our natural reaction is to isolate, not hang out or reach out to others.


Have a plan about who you can spend time with, or talk to, or grab coffee with, or have an exercise session with. 

Only mushrooms grow in the dark, and who likes those? 

If there aren’t many options for you to connect, then give of your time. Connecting with others less fortunate is one way to beat the holiday blues! It provides us with instant gratitude. 

No one has ever walked away from volunteering saying “Boy they are so lucky, I was here.” We say the opposite! “They helped me out more than I helped them!” 

3. Exercise-

I’m an addict. I admit it. I need to exercise! Only addicts do ultramarathons, right? 

We were built to move. 

Being able to work-out gets my sanity back. Everyone has a little crazy in them. Take the emotion and channel it into your workout, so we don’t take it out on our loved ones.  

You don’t have to “Go To The Gym”, you just have to move. 

Stay present, focused on others, and take care of your own headspace. Lastly, try and look at your family’s little idiosyncrasies as funny rather than annoying. It’s the only way…

If it doesn’t go well this holiday season, then rest assured, this too shall pass. This is temporary, that’s why the best carry-on luggage was invented.

The feeling you have right now doesn’t mean you’ll have the same feeling next week.

Don’t give up! That’s how I think we beat the holiday blues. 


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