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4 Reasons to Save the Endangered Athlete…

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 4 Reasons to Save The Endangered Athlete The Bison once roamed North America and met the needs of an entire population of indigenous people. However, The bison merely became a creature for it’s hide and almost became extinct. Once as many as 60 million bison roamed and […]

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The Hinge: 2 Book Signings

          Book Signing #1- Dec 11th Book Signing #2- Dec 13th

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Eyes on The Path

A young kung fu student travels to meet a renowned sensei… The student tells the master that he wants to train under him to become a powerful samurai and asked “how long it would take”? online payday loans california The master tells him it will take 10 […]

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5 Things I Hate About Myself

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Perfectionist I graduated with my Bachelor of Science degree and moved to Crested Butte, Colorado to be a ski-bum for one season. Well, the employment opportunities were not in high demand, so I was forced to work construction. I sucked at it. I became the laborer of […]

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Would You Pay $10 for a Hole in One?

There are no guarantees in life. All we have are opportunities. Vince Frank at the Cru Golf outing at Stonewall Orchards took advantage of his opportunity.  The par-3 9th hole, held the hole-in one contest for $10,000. However, one had to pay $10 to be eligible. […]

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The Toughest Position on the Field

First, it’s not the QB, a kicker, or even a lacrosse goalie. The toughest position is not only stressful and demands thick skin, but it is completely thankless; it’s the referee. Think about it, the best officials are invisible, because they only warrant consideration when something bad […]

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