two mental toughness skills

Two Mental Toughness Skills that NO ONE Talks About

I hate it when I hear others type!

It drives me up the wall because of course, I’m awful at typing. I look at them like a pauper views an aristocrat. I mean, how dare they actually NOT look at the screen when they type- the audacity!

It has become a laughing joke if others who know my work see me typing. I am a pecker!

That is not one of the two mental toughness skills I’m referring. But, I actually only use my two index fingers to type. I’ve written 6 books, a dissertation, thesis and a weekly newsletter using this method. I’m reminded about my shortcoming when I see others doing it so effortlessly.

Here’s the rub: my typing is effective, it is just not efficient. 

I was stubborn, errr, iron-willed. In high-school, I REFUSED to take some typing class, because why would I ever need to type that fast?

Check out our infographic of how the hierarchy of Mental Toughness works! 

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