Mental Toughness Coaching

You’re an Athlete

mental toughness coachingOur offices are just different. You may be a service provider, technical specialist, CEO, thought expert, coach, or a professional athlete. Whatever your office looks like, your success is dependent upon your own performance and your ability to get the best out of others.

Mental Toughness coaching is two-fold. It’s how we perform under pressure (those have-to moments) AND it’s how we deal, handle, and cope with the adversity, setbacks, and struggle. 

Without mastering yourself, you’re in trouble. We can help because we’ve been there and EVERYONE needs a coach. Most coaches haven’t been there, are concerned with what they want from you not what they want FOR you, or are not tough enough to be brutally honest.


We’ve been there, are focused on what we want FOR you, and pride ourselves in rigorous honesty. Our 1-1 mental toughness coaching gives you the tools necessary to capture your hinge moment and achieve significance more than just success.


When the teacher is ready, the student will appear. You may not be ready or we may not be a good fit. There is only one way to find out.

My Clients Tell the Story Best…!

“Dr. Bell has been an important addition to my team in 2016 and definitely instrumental in me having the best year of my career thus far.  I look forward going even further in the future.”

Rajeev Ram2016 Olympic Silver Medalist

Dr. Bell has been a tremendous resource for our players. His approach and way of communicating during individual sessions allows our players in the end, find the answers to their own questions.”– Coaches Susan Holt & Kyle Veltri

Notre Dame Golf

“I used to be that stubborn athlete…But thanks to Dr. Rob Bell, I focused better on the things in my control and have him to thank for my Gold.”

Toby StanleySynchronized National Champion

“ Dr. Rob Bell’s philosophy on preparation is second to none. It allows the player to get out of his own way in order to reach goals both on and off the course.”

Scott Stallings3x PGA Tour Winner

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