Sport Psychology Internship opportunity


sport psychology internship

Sport Psychology Internship

DRB & Associates, based in Indianapolis, IN, will again offer a 4-week, unique applied sport psychology internship (End of May- End of June). This will be open for only one or two qualified interns.


DRB & Associates ( offer mental training to athletes, coaches, and teams in and around the greater Indianapolis region. Summer interns will have direct observation with a professional team and applied experience with elite level athletes. Objectives will address performance enhancement with athletes.


  • Main objective will address performance enhancement with athletes.
  • Facilitate Mental Toughness workshops to athletes.
  • Naturalistic observation and feedback of athletes, coaches, and
  • Assist with leading and enhancing mental toughness schedule.
  • Weekly sessions with team members on building a consulting business.
  • Provide support with DRB projects.
  • Supervised AASP Hours.

Requirements & Guidelines:

  • Approximate 20-30 hours per
  • Must have valid driver’s
  • Non-paid internship.
  • Must relocate for one month.
  • (Preferred) Current graduate or undergraduate student.

Application Materials:

  • Current resume with 3 references.
  • 1 page cover letter expressing goals of future within field and why a good candidate.
  • Deadline is Monday, April 10th.

     Please send electronic application and resume to Nicole –

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