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The ONE word to say for Mental Toughness

The one word to say to yourself

The One Word to Say for Mental Toughness   You’ll hear it at the :50 second mark. See, It ALWAYS boils down to the core belief in ourselves, that deep rooted belief. It drives all other mental skills. The best have it, and it is the one […]

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6 quick videos that will re-ignite confidence…


Isn’t it interesting how things seem to get better when it’s going well, and worse when things are going bad? What if we can break the cycle of negativity? I hate losing confidence, but it happens from time to time. However, too often I meet successful people […]

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5 ways to help your kid with Mental Toughness

  Check out the INFOGRAPHIC- 5 ways to help your kid Build Mental Toughness “Perfect little Rachel ” That’s how her parents described and introduced their child, a high-school 2nd baseman. That’s pretty high expectations, and I was curious how long they had been calling her that. She was […]

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Why you need a better routine…

Almost everything we do contains a routine… How we wake up in the morning, go to work, eat our food, and even shave.  We have become so routine that we are not even aware of it, hence routine. We implement these daily routines, because they make us comfortable […]

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