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How to Crush The Transitions in Life

crush the transition

How to Crush the Transitions in Life If we use the bathroom 10 minutes a day, we will have spent over 6 months of our life in the bathroom. The average person spends two hours a day watching T.V. (wow). We will also spend about 1 year […]

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Avoid This “Why” to Build Mental Toughness

The worst why to build mental toughness

 Avoid This “Why” to Build Mental Toughness I was a good athlete when I was young. But I changed. I’m not sure exactly when it happened, maybe I lost a race, had an error in the field, or struck out. But, I started to think way too much, […]

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(VIDEO) What Blocks Us From Mental Toughness

blocks us from mental toughness

What Blocks us from Mental Toughness One of the most difficult things in life is to let go of old ideas and ways of thinking. The sexy term nowadays is having a growth mindset compared to a fixed mindset. Here’s how it plays out.  Hope you enjoy […]

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Steps 1 & 2 of Building Mental Toughness

Mental Toughness webinar

Would you know about Building Mental Toughness when you saw it?  Example #1- It was May 7th on a Saturday evening and I was planning my schedule to meet with my professional athletes for later in the month. Then, an invite for a ½ Ironman came across […]

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Your Footprint of Mental Toughness Needs a Blueprint

footprints of mental toughness

  Footprint of Mental Toughness Repetition is the blueprint– success is the footprint Click To Tweet As a child, I threw a tennis ball against the outside steps of my house countless number of times. I did it to practice my baseball fielding. Sometimes the ball would […]

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(Video) Mental Toughness is built off of the field?

Mental Toughness is built off of the field? Not only does our best change as we get better, but Mental Toughness also becomes more about what takes place off the field than on the field. We are who we are when we are alone. What happens when […]

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Are We Testing OR Training Mental Toughness?

testing or training mental toughness

Are We Testing OR Training Mental Toughness?  On a run the other day, I passed two people and asked them for what race that they were training. She said a half-marathon, but hedged her statement with, “as soon as I can get through my speed work.” I […]

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{Infographic} 5 step Pformula for greatness

{inforgraphic} 5 step for mental Toughness

  Thanks to Coach Martin Rooney and Training for Warriors for the Pformula for greatness! It’s Not a typo, sound it out- Pf Pf Pformula. Just see if you can adhere to the 5 Principles for greatness. Winning & success are not a sometimes thing, they are […]

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Sit down here if you want to win.

sit here to win

People will pay top-dollar to sit there while others will do everything they can to actually avoid sitting there. When people “get-to” pay to sit there, there are often few seats available.  However, when one doesn’t “have to” pay, there is always plenty of room. MC’s at workshops […]

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