It is what it is builds mental toughness 

I yearn for the day that someone holds up the trophy with tears in their eyes and says “it is what it is!” 

NO CHANCE. They’d be condemned. NO ONE says it is what it is when something good has happened!

But, I’ve got a sick sense of humor. 

So it’s cool when we hear “it is what it is” because we love misery?

It means something bad has happened and this person, leader, or team has accepted the circumstance. Or worse, they’ve accepted the setback, the defeat and turned their circumstance into a condition.

I can’t get better, hey, It is what it is…

Except, mentally tough people actually use it is what it is as a starting point, not an ending point. 

It’s temporary and it’s part of the process. 

You lost, so what are you going to do about it?  Stay Bitter or Get Better? 

Some coaches after winning a championship actually have come close to the It is what it is mentality. They have sold out to the process so much that success is merely a byproduct, an outcome.  Not soon after their pinnacle of the season, they are back to the grind and the process. It is what it is builds mental toughness if we are committed to the process. 

It is what it is either stops us or starts us…

It is what it is builds mental toughness

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