CHAPTER 2 - Why Does Choking Occur?

why does choking occur

Try teaching someone how to ride a bike.

Yes, you get on and pedal, but there’s a lot more to that, like balance, turning, looking…

Our memory is often procedural, meaning we don’t have to think about it. Since we do not have to think about it, it’s difficult to even explain it. 

It brings up the question- why does choking occur, but that is also why the very best performers are not the best coaches or teachers, because they just do what they do, they don’t have to think about it.

Coaches often have trouble with highly intelligent performers, because they often become over-analytical about their well-learned skill.

So, when we have to think about or try to control well-learned skills, we are susceptible to sub-optimal performance. Add in the factor of a high-pressure environment with something on the line, thinking too much can become every detrimental.

Next, after we start over-analyzing, we start to FEEL the stressful situation in a fight, flight, or freeze response. Our body tenses up, breathing becomes faster, we start to sweat, have even more thoughts, speed up or slow way down and TRY NOT to mess up. That begins the quest to answer why does choking occur. 

Trying not to mess-up Over-analyzing movements  Fight/Flight


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