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All Champions ADJUST Find A Way

champions adjust

All Champions ADJUST Find A Way In the fall of 2008, a 47-year-old businessman, divorced father of four went to his crack dealer. He was on a fourteen-day binge and was so bad off that his dealer actually refused to sell him any more until he got […]

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You’ll Need This Skill to Compete in Golf at The Next Level.

golf game at the next level

Play golf at the next level? Take this skill with you! The short game in golf won’t win anyone a championship, but not having a strong short game will lose it for you. The shots inside of 110 yards give or take (pitching, chipping, and putting) will make […]

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The First Step to Absolutely Crush ANY Race

crush any race

The first step to absolutely crush any race Our preparation matches our commitment. This is the first step to crush any race is actually quite simple. It is so simple in fact, that it rarely gets mentioned as a possible barrier, but I have used it as […]

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Mental Toughness for Golfers – TRAINING CAMP

Mental toughness for golfers training camp

Mental Toughness for Golfers – TRAINING CAMP Golfers looking to play your best when it matters the most? Schedule a one-one mental toughness training camp specifically designed to improve your preparation and game. We offer: One on One training.  Two days of difficult preparation designed to make […]

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(INFOGRAPHIC) 5 Simple Action Steps for Injured Athletes

action steps for injured athletes

          (INFOGRAPHIC) 5 Simple Action Steps for Injured Athletes Grieve space- Allow yourself to experience the pain of being injured. Set aside times to think about being sad/getting angry/ worrying/ etc. Then you can avoid these emotions at inopportune times (dinner, etc.)   […]

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The WRONG WAY to Win the Locker Room

win the locker room

A team locker room is a sacred place. Basically, what is said there, when you leave there, leave it there. Sorry, but here’s the wrong way to win the locker room. New Buffalo Bills Head Coach Sean McDermott felt that setting the tone of the locker room […]

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11 tested ways to get out of our comfort zone

dr. rob bell PGA Tour

I’ve ran two marathons and I put everything I had into both. My best time was a respectable 3:21 and that was running six days & fifty miles a week with speed work. I kept track of every run and reviewed it the other day; it was […]

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How to Crush The Transitions in Life

crush the transition

How to Crush the Transitions in Life If we use the bathroom 10 minutes a day, we will have spent over 6 months of our life in the bathroom. The average person spends two hours a day watching T.V. (wow). We will also spend about 1 year […]

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Warning: Graphic Display of Persistence

display of persistence

Every morning, I tweet Patience & Persistence….They are my reminders and the keystone to mental toughness and success. But, what does persistence actually look like? Warning: This is a graphic display of persistence.  This is NO MAGIC Trick- this is real! David Blaine revealed that this “trick” […]

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(Video) Mental Toughness to Stop in a 1/2 Ironman?

Mental Toughness Dr. Rob bell

Mental Toughness to Stop in a 1/2 Ironman? I finished a 1/2 ironman and was speaking at event reveals how we never know what or who will be our Hinge Moment. The question still remains: Would you have stopped?  This event changed my life and led to […]

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