not feel bad about yourself

How To Not Feel Bad About Yourself

No one can tell you how you should feel.

Feeling good all of the time is not a goal, because if we never struggle with adversity, can we truly appreciate everything? Adversity and struggle provide us with perspective and humility which lead to gratitude.

What matters more is how we view ourselves and our overall self-concept and identity. 

Here are 3 ways to not think so poorly if do you feel bad about yourself? 

  1. Change your environment-  Vacations CRUSH stay-cations because your environment changes. try changing tour daily route, your morning routine, changing your room, and/or connecting with someone new. 
  2. By Default OR Design-  Evaluate your relationships. Do you actively seek out to reinforce and share with those close to you? Do they make you feel good about yourself or worse? 
  3. Hang out with winners- A funny thing about baseball dugouts is that those hitting well hang out with others who are hitting well. You’re the average of your five closest people, so make sure your environment breeds success and supports you!

change your environment


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