James Altucher’s Top 11 Podcast Episodes

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Top 11 Episodes from The James Altucher Podcast

I don’t listen to many podcasts. That’s how good these are. James Altucher is the reason why I try to write down ten ideas everyday, and a small reason why I stopped drinking. I could go on & on but, his latest book is also a must read.

Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth

His podcast has hit the 2 year anniversary and I guarantee your mental toughness will increase dramatically if you listen to every episode, there’s over 150… How bad do you want new evidence to change your belief system? If not, I’ve selected the top 11 episodes from James Altucher podcasts.

Here are the Filet Mignon of the podcasts:

1) Ep 100: Secrets of the millionaire mind–  T. Harv Eker: If you don’t work on your thinking, you’ll still get the same results… Plus, you should be a millionaire if you’re over 30 years old…

2) Ep 90: Success in the face in obstacles:  – Jack Canfield: Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. Want to write a successful book? Check this one out

3) Ep 62: Money is just a game:Tony Robbins: A great interview about money and our attitudes toward it. Is a 401k your best investment?

4) Ep: 113: Go do you:-  Neil Strauss: It’s cool because I’ve never heard an interview where it was switched between interviewer & interviewee…

5) Ep 108: Shares his keys to success:– Ryan HolidayI love hearing about Hinge Moments and he’s got a really good one! I love rooting for guys like this. Would love to have this guy promote my next book. 

6)Ep 67: Stealth success:Mitch Lowe: Co-owner of NetFlix had classic Hinge moment and Blockbuster later would become obsolete…

7) Ep 73: Are you a Giving, Taker, or a Matcher-  Adam Grant: This episode is really cool, but it stung at the same time. It made me take a look inside. Honestly, one of the reasons I did this post is because I want James to read one of my books. 

8) Ep 53: Six secrets to achieving happiness & success. – Ted Leonsis: He was on the Jim Rome Show back in 2000 and was the reason why I wrote 100 things I wanted to do before I died. James Altucher does an excellent interview here. 

9) Ep 42: Entrepreneur’s paradise:  -Coolio: This was the 1st episode I listened to, because I LOVED Fantastic Voyage growing up. The path, strength, and insight that Coolio displayed was un-real. 

10) Ep 114: How to get paid doing what you love. Matt Barrie of Freelance.com– A super-worthy tale of how this website got started and the journey that Matt took.

11) Ep 115: How to mange your employees when they all carry guns.- Rick Ross- This was America’s most successful drug dealer. At his peak, he made 1 million dollars a day. He didn’t ever buy anything either, he invested back with individuals…

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