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We take many things for granted. I don’t think that we can help it.

We forget the water with ice that we get to drink, the bed that we sleep in, and the vehicle that we get to drive. We all have problems as well, so we often focus on what we don’t have. It’s only after we are intentional about gratitude and perspective that it makes our own issues and concerns seem insignificant. For instance, as many of us look at the finish line of the current school year and count down the days, there are other families who never thought their son or daughter would even finish elementary school.

Our family got in the habit this winter and spring of watching real-life documentaries every week. These were focused on people and teams that overcame great odds, and took on extreme endeavors. Here’s the blog post, The Top 10 Mental Toughness Documentaries That Will Make You Better.

Watching tons of these powerful stories marinated our own mind with the belief that we can accomplish anything. So, I signed up for a 50k trail race (with one month of training, but I don’t recommend it

But I made sure that this race wasn’t about me, I tried to make it about someone else, someone who could also use the hope and inspiration. Run For Izzy because NO ONE Gets There ALONE. The irony is that she helps me, way more than I can help her.

This is Izzy and she has Stage IV Relapsed Neuroblastoma. She was originally diagnosed in December of 2011, at just three years old. She goes to Durbin Elementary and will soon be finishing 4th grade. Every day without pain is a blessing.

The Mattocks family received the devastating news that Izzy’s cancer has now returned for the 4th time. There is no cure yet and the five year survival rate is less than 1%.

There’s some help that we all can provide for the endless amount of medical bills and expenses, because when we think about it and follow along with her story, she gives US the gratitude and perspective that we all need.

If you can help, here are the pages related to Izzy. Perhaps you already have, so thank you!

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