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All Champions ADJUST Find A Way

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All Champions ADJUST Find A Way In the fall of 2008, a 47-year-old businessman, divorced father of four went to his crack dealer. He was on a fourteen-day binge and was so bad off that his dealer actually refused to sell him any more until he got […]

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Did I WIN this medal?

Kenya’s long-distance runner & two-time Olympic Champion, Kip Keino uttered these words so athletes would consider performance enhancing drugs. “When you stand on the podium, you must ask yourself, did I win this medal?” I heard Hall of Fame coach, Joe Gibbs, speak recently. (He is in […]

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What it took to write The Hinge, now that it is released…

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My 1st book Mental Toughness Training for Golf: Start Strong Finish Strong took 2 1/2 years to complete, because I had the security of a being a professor. On the other hand, The Hinge was written when I had the awesome idea to “pursue my goals and […]

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