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5,000 push-ups & 5,000 sit-ups every day…

Herschel Walker was made fun at school and never went out to recess because he was afraid of getting beat up. His teacher used to put him in the corner of the room because he had a speech impediment, and called him “special.” His father used to […]

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End practice early to build mental toughness?

End Practice Early to Build Mental Toughness? There are not many secrets to success. However, one secret that I think holds true is the ability of one more. When we are tired and fatigued, the key is to be able to endure just one more. One more rep, writing […]

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Winners, Losers, & At-Leasters

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Excerpt from book: Don’t “Should” on your kids: Build Their Mental Toughness  Wade was a very talented 12-year-old hockey player, but he was a coach’s nightmare. He would only play hard when he felt like it, which was, unfortunately, only about a quarter of the time. Not […]

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