One body-weight exercise works 200 muscles and it’s the king of all exercise movements.

It’s the Squat! Here’s why it’s so important. Here are the benefits of squats.

Choosing the right exercises to integrate into your daily workout regimen can feel overwhelming at times, especially with hundreds, if not thousands of options to choose from when getting started. With traditional squats, enjoy a variety of benefits that are optimal whether you are in the process of losing weight or simply want to tone up and get into even better shape.

Increase Muscle and Body Strength

Squatting is extremely beneficial for those who want to increase muscle mass and overall body strength. When you begin squatting, your body immediately releases testosterone, a hormone responsible for building muscle mass.

Additionally, the benefits of squats help regulate the metabolism and glucose, optimal for individuals who are insulin-resistant or in the process of cutting weight and burning fat.

Improve Circulation and Bloodflow

Individuals who suffer from numbness and tingling throughout their legs and arms are often experiencing poor circulation. While poor circulation can result from illnesses and underlying diseases, it is often attributed to a lack of exercise and proper regular movement.

Squats help to get the blood flow going throughout the body, reducing the amount of numbness or “dead leg” an individual feels each day.

Burn Stubborn Body Fat

One of the biggest reasons to implement squats in your daily routine is the ability to burn stubborn fat, especially centered near the buttocks and stomach regions. Squats are considered both strength training exercises along with cardio workouts, providing advantages in both areas of working out. Squats tend to work on the body even once you are finished with a workout, burning additional calories over time.

Rid and Eliminate Cellulite

Cellulite is often the results of poor circulation throughout the body, which is why squats are extremely useful and effective for those interested in losing weight and getting into shape.

Choosing to implement squats into your workout routine is ideal whether you want to strengthen your body or if you simply wish to burn more fat. Understanding the benefits of squats and what they have to offer when integrated long-term is motivating and encouraging for anyone interested in maintaining their health and longevity.