What Golden Tee can teach us about Entrepreneurship

I met with a successful entrepreneur and coach, Tony Scelzo, over a game of Golden Tee. You know, the arcade game that is nothing like real golf…until you take a double bogey.

Of course we had something on the line, so it was a competitive 18-hole skins game. Tony Scelzo’s story and journey  is awesome and it is going in my next book: The Hinge. Well, his personality came out in the game. Every chance to go for it- point & shoot- grip it & rip it, he went for it. Sometimes he pulled it off and sometimes he didn’t. But his game plan was aggressive! 

On the other hand, I always took the conservative route, (almost). On hole 14, after watching Tony go for it all game long, I went for it….Heck, I thought to myself, “I have a sizable lead, why not?”   I lost the hole, and the next, and the next. I almost lost the match…

Golden Tee reminded me the importance of having a game plan!! It matters less what our actual plan is, but the importance is that we commit and never waver….We can be aggressive or we can be conservative, it’s when we switch, that we get in trouble. Situations, circumstances, and other people will make us modify our approach, but we must ALWAYS stay committed to our core values. It’s usually when we stray from our fundamentals, that we struggle, just check out this awesome blog post from Mike Michalowicz..

In my upcoming book, there are numerous examples of how much hinges just on staying the course and never wavering from our game plan…


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