I write tons… Every single day in fact for 1 hour. It’s how I’ve published 5 books on Mental Toughness as well as a weekly blog post. However, I had an issue getting my content to enough people,see I would produce so much content that it became tough to keep up with being able to promote it.  That occurred every week, until I discovered coschedule.  Coschedule was a game-changer for me and it could be for you as well. It allowed me to write my blog post and then be able to post it whenever and wherever I want just using their schedule tool. As I said, It’s a game-changer.

The coolest feature is that it allows me to schedule posts for any-time of the day on multiple days, so it was so helpful when I had an event to promote and I could schedule it several times during the day. It has a unique tool as well called “best time” that even picks the best time of day to post your content.

Here’s one of my favorite parts, I can easily see the statistics from every one of my posts and check the reads, likes, and twitter shares. Being able to discover what my readers’ enjoy the most is  a huge help with as much blogging as I do.

Check it out for yourself- Coschedule

Here’s a story: I wrote a blog post titled Sport parents- 6 ways you’re doing it wrong.  This post BLEW up! It received over a 15k reads the first month it was posted and it led to my next book as well. However, there was an issue that Coschedule fixed for me. I couldn’t track who was sharing this content and where they were sharing it. I was not aware of how to take advantage of the readership. My posts were too infrequent and I was relying on other people to spread the word instead of being in control. I was able to schedule the posts on a frequent basis, and after tracking the statistics, I posted during the best days and times.

It just didn’t end there either. Due to the new feature requeue, it even took my scheduling to another level. Requeue took my post and filled in the gaps when it wasn’t even scheduled. All I had to due was follow my original posting schedule and requeue would find in my schedule where there weren’t times that posts were scheduled. This was huge! It took my post to another level in terms of readership and engagement because while I could follow my precise schedule as before, now I had another competitive advantage because Coschedule was now posting in my own best interests for me. My readership on just this one article vaulted me to best seller status for my book. I’m not sure without co-schedule that would have been possible.

But, don’t just listen to me- Here’s a demo video below about how you can use it.